The time to vote for Game of the Year has finally arrived



Can’t believe it, we’ve almost passed the phenomenal 365 days for the gaming industry this year. Feels more special than in previous years, 2021 deserves the title as one of the best years the gaming industry has ever had, outside of the pandemic problems that have haunted and affected this industry we love.

How come? During this 12-month period, gamers were not only presented with a myriad of new franchises that were just about to build popularity, but also the latest series from the highly anticipated giant franchise.

Especially with some names that managed to look so stunning, especially in terms of the courage to take risks and attention to detail. Without a doubt, this year was one of the most comprehensive and sweetest years for gamers as a community. So, who deserves the title as the best? Here are our picks.

To make a more objective and fair assessment, JagatPlay will divide it into various categories based on the genre and the basic elements that make up a game. We’ve also included the reasons for the selection to give a clearer picture of why these games managed to win each category.

It’s not easy to find a bullet-hell game in three-dimensional format, let alone find it in above-average quality. Returnal is definitely an accumulation of all the things that Housemarque had learned during his career, which then manifested in a fantastic action game.

For the Playstation 5, although the visuals that he stretches are not that sweet, they take advantage of all the features that this latest generation of consoles has to offer fantastically. Your hands will be pampered through the solid Adaptive Trigger and Haptic Feedback features, while your ears will be helped through the existing 3D Audio implementation.

Considering that the Playstation 5 and all the released games available for it are only available in early 2021, it seems to be something that is fair to make it one of the considerations for this year’s Game of the Year list.

So as can be predicted, of all the released games that are also available in the Indonesian market, Demon Soul’s Remake from Bluepoint Games is the series that best showcases the visual abilities that this latest generation of consoles can offer. It doesn’t come with features like ray-tracing for example, but the execution of almost all visual aspects from a technical point of view, including light effects, shadows, and even the re-engineering of the world that he stretches makes it worthy of thumbs up. So cool that we don’t hesitate to recommend even those who are not familiar with the Souls series,

A commitment to prove to the world that the concept of cooperative multiplayer, which can also be played offline, is not an outdated and irrelevant genre. Expanding and refining the concept they had previously offered via A Way Out, Josef Fares and Hazelight returned with It Takes Two which came with fairytale-like visuals, but much more creative content.

So creative, that there isn’t a single level where you feel like you’ll be able to complete it alone. Every challenge always ends up being a puzzle that requires careful coordination to be subdued, making both players inevitably have to communicate actively.