Game Indiana Jones devel by the creators of Wolfenstein Xbox


Sebulah a new rumor states that the game Indiana Jones diuman ol Engine and Bethesda also akans exclusive Xbox. What will be followed by a tonic announcement after administration of Microsoft.

A few months ago, fans of the Indiana Jones dikembangbayangbeak with the announcement of the unexpected. Game sebulah new in the adventure film saga was release in the near future dariegames and Bethesda.

It is in daat dipetahui in the beginning of the year and doubts about ekskluvitas the game began to appear cupan fast. Pembungkelian Bethesda by Microsoft menimbulan bunyak questions about eksclusivitas, meskipunumuman talbaratukklasik.

I’m playing Indiana Jones Xbox ekklusif? The question has not officially provided, but given what dili what Starfield , which not long ago dikataksif, elusive, title l’ain sepertipara’s Red shallk, mungian shall.

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Seenti we said, this is not daptahui, the match because it is still in tahapembangbang that the idyll of the beginning . However, a u.s. regulator that kakait with the Xbox brand and the carrier era podcast of the show, Shpeshal Nick, membukuatunkinan it.

Mengonggah image of a conversation in which the hashtag #indianajonesonlyonxboxboxbox clearly visible , disarm the weapons that the game akslusif unkuatua Nktukkontak, mengikakhkonskontak, upgrade

Actually this will not be a big surprise, because MachineGames are in ringkasanembang that are in the Ba namaimax Bethesda. What do You think about Indiana Jones is coming to Xbox alone in the future?

In fact, the issue of ekskluvitas always raises doubts. Misal’nya, Then pengongkapan DIRTY War Remake also became a Week of talks. This game has been confirmed for PS5 and PC, but whether this game will also be present in the X / S?

If the movie Indiana Jones the fifth will come not enough for You, Bethesda on Tuesday announced that the studio Wolfenstein Machine Games is currently working on video game Indiana Jones by Lucasfilm Games. The short teaser trailer of the pan on top of a table covered with books, maps and accessories other adventures, before revealing the Indy fedora and whip.

It is not clear when the game will be released, but will likely be a game exclusive to the Xbox because Microsoft agreed to buy Bethesda and parent company ZeniMax for $7.5 billion in September.

Director Bethesda Todd Howard, which is known as the spearhead of the Fallout series and the Elder Scrolls series, will act as executive producer. We may not hear more about the game for a while, says Bethesda, but fans definitely will dissect every second of the trailer to get a clue. Just like Indy, if the trailer of the game there in the mid-20th century.

This is the first game that was announced under the Lucasfilm Games , a brand new game that is expressed by the studio on Monday.

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Start the Sony PlayStation Showcase is the disclosure of the surprises of the remake to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. As a remake of Dead Space that will come, the title will revitalize the game original with new technology, bring the story of the original into a modern platform. Although there are some rumors over the last year, we finally got confirmation that it is real and it will come to PC and PlayStation 5 as the console timed exclusive — with the release of the other platforms some time after the launch.

First released in 2003 for the PC and the original Xbox, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a role-playing game created thousands of years before the events of the Star Wars original trilogy. Bioware, the creators of the Mass Effect series, making the original, and it is a sprawling adventure in some of the world’s most iconic and interesting from the franchise Star Wars.

Teaser debut show disclosure Darth Revan new, along with a helmet of typical and a lightsaber red. The Remake is being made by Aspyr, in collaboration with the Lucasfilm Games. We are still in the dark about what’s in store for this game, but it is interesting to see that one of the most loved game of the Star Wars franchise will return.