Fuso Canter FE 74 HDS, the favorite light truck for Indonesian contractors

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Canter FE 74 HDS is one of the new products introduced by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) in Indonesia last year. This product is one of 15 Canter variants that Indonesian consumers can now choose from.

*What are the dimensions of the Fuso Canter FE 74 HDS?
Length 5960mm, width 1970mm, height 2245mm, final cab size 4360mm and wheelbase 3350mm. Ground clearance up to 210 mm.

*What is the displacement of the Fuso Canter FE 74 HDS?
Capacity 3907 cc 4-stroke, 4-cylinder in line with direct injection. Generates power of 136 hp at 2,500 rpm and maximum torque of 420 Nm at 1,500 rpm.

*What is the capacity of the Fuso Canter FE 74 HDS to carry loads?
The Fuso Canter has a maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 8,250 kg or 8.2 tonnes. The GVW’s maximum tilt is 44 tons, and the minimum turning radius is 7.1 meters.

The Canter FE 74 HDS model is included in the light vehicle segment that is of interest to business people. The updated Canter FE 74 HDS now has a high-speed, high-torque engine. Coming to Euro4 standards, this model promises strength, agility and environmental friendliness while doing business and testing.

In plain view, the flagship of PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motor (KTB) still carries the legendary shape of the Fuso truck which is in great demand by its consumers. The square cab with its distinctive yellow head makes the Canter easy to spot on the road.

It has dimensions of 5,960 mm in length, 1,970 mm in width, 2,245 mm in height, 4,360 mm in distance from the cabin to the end, and 3,350 mm in wheelbase. Its cruising range is supported by a ground clearance as high as 210
mm, combined with a 100 liter fuel tank. The rims use tires size 7.50-16 -14PR with rim sizes 16×6.00GS, 6 rims.

The Canter FE 74 HDS uses a proven tough frame weighing up to 2.4 tonnes. Its payload capacity can accommodate a weight of around 8.2 tons. Suitable for a variety of professional applications, as this truck can be fitted with a variety of body materials, such as a wooden bin, an aluminum box or an iron bin. Its utilization is not only limited to mining or plantation activities, but also for other businesses.

Various conveniences for maintenance are present thanks to the tiltable cabin capacity, as well as the presence of an inspection cover under the driver’s seat. The radiator reservoir section is also placed on the outside to facilitate monitoring of the coolant.

Fuso Canter Interior and Comfort

In addition to the exterior advantages, the interior of the Canter FE 74 HDS also offers comfort for the driver and passengers. The Canter cab still offers plenty of space with an ergonomic seat design. This is one of the main assessments that is important for the comfort of the driver while traveling.

The steering wheel for control is also quite precise, with the shift knob in the center cluster, providing comfort in various road situations while driving. Do not forget,
the wheel already uses power steering and the ability to tilt and telescoping settings.

The cabin is predominantly black. Various storage spaces can be used by drivers and passengers to store various items such as travel documents, electronic toll cards, change or drinks during the trip. Convenience is also present thanks to entertainment from the single din head unit. Travel entertainment includes the ability to play multiple file formats via a USB connection as well as MP3s. In addition to the meter cluster section, there is an engine rpm indicator with a green indicator so that the driver knows how to drive efficiently.


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This is one of the highlights of the latest Canter update. Common rail diesel engine with Euro4 specifications does not reduce the capacity and reliability of power delivery. This 3,907 cc engine coded 4V21-2AT1 offers 136 hp of power at 2,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 420 Nm at 1,500 rpm. Fuso also incorporates exhaust gas recirculation technology, positive crankcase ventilation, and diesel oxidation catalyst muffler technology to reduce nitrogen dioxide emission levels so that vehicle exhaust emissions are more environmentally friendly.

The transmission uses a single dry plate type M035S5 with hydraulic control where there are 5 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. This new engine also offers a higher maximum speed compared to the old model whose maximum speed reached 103 km/hour. The capacity of this machine is also capable of carrying loads of up to 8.2 tons.

In addition, the specifications for the front axle use a Reverse Elliot type “I” beam and the rear axle is a full floating type. The gear ratio was finally 5517.

Other Features and Facilities
One of the improvements from the latest Canter FE 74 HDS model is in terms of safety. Fuso provides a full air brake system and adds an anti-lock brake system feature to all variants.

On the technical side of braking, the foot brake uses a hydraulic system with a double circuit vacuum servo. The handbrake uses the former type active internal pansi drive shaft and additional brakes with exhaust gas braking system.

Comfort and stability come from the use of front and rear laminated leaf spring suspension with shock absorbers. The electrical system uses two 12 V batteries
so the total voltage is 24 volts.

For contractors who have been using the Canter truck model for a long time, KTB FUSO revealed that this latest model contains 80% of the same parts as the previous model. This means that spare parts that have been purchased for fleet maintenance can still be used and will not be thrown away.

The final touch of technology comes from the Runner Telematics System feature. This is technology that helps fleet owners monitor their operational vehicles more easily. There are several new features such as order scheduling, vehicle management, reports/assessments, driver management, and real-time monitoring. Everything can be monitored remotely from a mobile phone, desktop or laptop, wherever you are.

A brief description of the features above, for example work order scheduling which provides job scheduling for drivers, vehicles, routes, and areas. With the real-time monitoring feature, fleet owners can find out the location, status and status of vehicle movements. The vehicle management function is able to provide information on vehicle usage and maintenance time.

Another feature, namely driver management, is present to define driver assignments. There is also a report/evaluation function to find reports or analyzes related to vehicle operations such as vehicle mileage, driving style and vehicle fuel consumption. (ADV)