Furious Movies: There Always Respect for Those Who Defend Their Homeland


Maintaining the integrity of the homeland is an obligation for every citizen. Not only that, upholding the sovereignty of the country you live in is a non-negotiable fixed price. Although outnumbered or armed, but fighting for the freedom of the homeland from the threat of foreign invasion is certainly a must. Of course, this is certain, there will always be respect for those who fight wholeheartedly to defend the sovereignty of their homeland.

This is what was appointed as the main plot in the movie titled Furious . This 1 hour 47 minute movie which was released in the market in 2017 tells the story of the struggle of seventeen soldiers. They are all fearless in defending their homeland. Yes, this movie is set in the Middle Ages, when the Mongols became a power that the world feared, and their empire continued to expand to the interior of Siberia.

In the 13th century ago, the Mongol army led by Batu Khan had controlled most of the world known at that time. The next target for the Mongols was mainland Europe, in what is now Russia. Conquest after conquest was successfully carried out by the Mongol army.

However, when the group arrived at Riazan, they were confronted by a militant army led by Evpatii Kolovrat. Just imagine, tens of soldiers led by Evpatii, had to struggle with the Mongol army which numbered hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Although quantitatively it was certain to lose, but Evpatii and his troops managed to hold the Mongols back from advancing. In fact, on several occasions, they managed to make the Mongol troops frenzied with tricks and tricks they did.

Until in the end, the final battle remained in favor of the Mongol army. Evpatii and his heroic army, must ultimately meet their deaths on the battlefield. However, herein lies the honor for those who fight wholeheartedly for their homeland.

The supreme leader of the Mongols, Batu Khan, ordered his soldiers to give Evpatii and his soldiers a proper funeral and final honor as a knight. Want to witness the heroic story of Evpati and his troops in defending their homeland? Of course, friends can see it in this movie called Furious Movies. Guaranteed you won’t regret it!

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