Full Synopsis of Anime Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens


The Yu-Gi-Oh anime is one of the anime that still exists among in Japan, even though this anime was first released in 1998. Until now, the episodes have reached more than 1000 episodes.

Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens is the 6th and newest anime season in the series. This 6th season aired in 2020 and finished in September 2020 with a total of 120 episodes. This latest season continues the previous season, namely Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS which aired in 2017.

Yu-Gi-Oh Anime Storyline
This new Yu-Gi-Oh anime has a new rule called “Rush Duel.” The background of this anime story is also very unique and interesting because it uses a future background, precisely in a metropolitan city called Goha city.

Bringing a different story picture than before, this anime tells about the protagonist, a 5th grade student at Goha Seventh Elementary whose name is Hiiro Ishibashi. Hiiro Ishibashi is a Yūga dō who loves duels and discoveries in the Yu-Gi-Oh storyline.

Hiiro Ishibashi has a classmate named Luke. Luke is a student who has the title of “number 1 duelist in Goha Seventh Elementary” which means he is proficient in dueling.

In this story, the city of Goha is governed by a large company called ‘Goha Corp’. Goha Corp governs the entire life of the city, from the rules of duels to schools. However, Goha Corp. not only regulates duel rules, but this largest company also manages daily necessities such as clothing, food, and shelter.

Because all life is governed by the largest company in Goha City, Yuga Odo takes the initiative to change the world. He felt his world was too small for children like him. Yuga Odo fights against Goha Corp using “Rush Duel”.

About the New ‘Rush Duel’ Rules
“Rush Duel” was a new rule that this 5th grader discovered. His discovery stems from boredom and disgust with the rules of adult dueling. He also found a new rule which could allow duelists to go all-out from the start of the duel.

However, the problem is that Yuga Odo cannot install the data he needs for this “Rush Duel” rule to the Duel Disk. He didn’t give up and kept trying again and again. However, his efforts remained fruitless, instead he ran out of time and received punishment.

Then, one day Luke declared that he was the number 1 Duelist in the school. He also stopped Yuga Odo who was on his way to the lab. Luke’s goal was to tell Yuga about the ‘Duel King’ rumors.

However, something big and mysterious awaits Luke in the future. Yuga Odo also said to Luke and challenged him to try to fight him. Yuga did this to prove that Luke was unfit to be the Duel King at the school.

Well, if Yuga Odo can use and install his new rule, namely “Rush Duel”, then Yuga will become the Duel King. But Yuga must be able to defeat his duel opponent within the allotted time. However, Yuga Odo also boldly told Luke that he would use the new rule he created, namely Rush Duel.

Then, Yuga and Luke are the shops in this story who are always trying to change their world by using the latest duel method, Rush Duel.