Full of Mysteries, 5 Reasons You Must Watch The Killer’s Shopping List

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KDrama The Killer’s Shopping List is the comeback of actor and comedian Lee Kwang Soo after four years of absence in the drama world. Lee Kwang Soo will take on the role of Ahn Dae Seong, a part-time worker at a supermarket. This drama will also star the beautiful actress Kim Seol Hyun, who will greet the audience as a policeman and Lee Kwang Soo’s lover.

This drama will air on tvN channel tonight, April 27, 2022. The Killer’s Shopping List will present mystery and comedy genres that are ready to entertain the audience. It will be full of mysteries that will make you curious, here are five reasons you must watch KDrama The Killer’s Shopping List !

1. Became Lee Kwang Soo’s comeback KDrama

The Killer’s Shopping List is the long-awaited KDrama because it stars the famous actor and comedian Lee Kwang Soo. Of course, the acting of one of these actors is unquestionable.

This KDrama became Lee Kwang Soo’s comeback drama after he last starred in KDrama Live in 2018. Through this KDrama, Lee Kwang Soo is ready to return to entertain the audience who miss his acting! Get ready to be entertained!

2. Starring famous actress

Besides Lee Kwang Soo, The Killer’s Shopping List also stars a series of well-known actresses who will support Lee Kwang Soo’s role. There is Kim Seol Hyun, also known as AOA’s Seolhyun.

Almost the same as Lee Kwang Soo, this drama is also Kim Seol Hyun’s comeback drama after starring in KDrama Awaken in 2020. Then there is senior actress Jin Hee Kyung who plays Lee Kwang Soo’s mother. Can’t wait for it to air, right?

3. Against an unusual place

KDrama The Killer’s Shopping List is set at the supermarket where Lee Kwang Soo works, namely MS Mart. The setting of the place in this drama is an unusual thing. Later it will be shown Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Seol Hyun who are looking for clues to murder in the supermarket!

In addition, this KDrama will also describe how the atmosphere of working in a supermarket is. A new theme that KDrama fans have been waiting for. Interesting, yes!

4. Presenting an unusual genre, full of mystery and comedy

The Killer’s Shopping List presents a story that is full of mystery, but still comes with comedic elements. Lee Kwang Soo’s characteristic that cannot be separated from his cuteness will still provide its own entertainment for the audience.

In this KDrama, it will tell how Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Seol Hyun, and Jin Hee Kyung investigate a mysterious murder case that occurred near the MS Mart location. They try to solve the case with the only clue, which is a receipt issued from MS Mart.

5. Written by author Han Ji Wan

Han Ji Wan is known as a KDrama writer with a genre that is not far from mystery and thriller. Among them is The Ghost Detective, a drama that aired in 2018 with a crime genre mixed with horror and mystery. Then there is the KDrama Wanted which is a mystery and thriller genre .

In 2022, there are two KDramas by Han Ji Wan that will air, one of which is The Killer’s Shopping List. Already an expert in writing mystery genre KDrama, then this KDrama, played by Lee Kwang Soo, certainly doesn’t need to be doubted.

Those are five reasons why you must watch KDrama The Killer’s Shopping List. Coming to air tonight, Lee Kwang Soo is ready to entertain the audience through his comeback drama !