Frustrated at the MCU, Kevin Feige Almost Moved to DC Movies


All loyal fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe must know who Kevin Feige is. Since the 2000s, Feige is one of the pioneers at Marvel Studios who has brought in tons of characters from Marvel Comics. Starting from Iron Man to Shang-Chi, everything he managed to turn on in order to make the MCU more developed in the eyes of fans. In his hands, various MCU Movies were recorded to have grossed a total of 26 billion dollars from around the world.

Not long after the success of the MCU, Warner Bros. have also tried a formula that is more or less the same as the DC Extended Universe. In the hands of many directors who are quite visionary, the DCEU itself has grown until it finally spawned the phenomenal Justice League (2021). However, after a decade has passed, not a few fans feel that everything is still not enough to compete with Feige’s leadership.

Kevin Feiger Almost Left Marvel
Apart from each cinematic universe which is now developing in its own way, it turns out that Feige had secretly almost moved to DC. This happened when the MCU was in Phase 2, precisely when CEO Ike Perlmutter led Marvel in the 2010s. This information has just come from Puck News reporting on the outcome of their discussions with Warner Bros. regarding the future of DC Movies.

To quote a report from Puck News, “[David] Zaslav (WB’s new CEO) could have brought Feige back in. Where a few years ago he had a serious conversation with WB to try to separate from Marvel which at that time Ike Perlmutter was leading.” This news follows previous reports, which revealed that WB is currently planning to completely revamp DC Movie.

Seems like it would be very interesting if at that time Feige ended up in DC. Because maybe the DCEU will be much more developed than it is now. As for now, all DC fans can do is pray that Zaslav finds the right person to make DCEU better in the future.