From the trailer for this film which was released some time ago, it seems present beautiful, and amazing visuals in The Lost City of Z


From the trailer for this film which was released some time ago, it seems that James Gray has managed to present beautiful, and amazing visuals in The Lost City of Z. Apart from that, there are also a number of tense scenes. One of them, when Percy and his son, Jack, were trying to escape from something.

Besides being strengthened by two tough males, Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson, as well as the ababil Tom Holland, The Lost City of Z is also decorated by Sienna Miller. Who plays Nina. Percy Fawcett’s wife. The 35-year-old actress had become the center of attention. To be precise, when he attended the gala premiere of The Lost City of Z at the Berlin International Film Festival. In February 2017.

At that time, wearing a transparent black dress, designed by Christian Dior, Sienna Miller let her beautiful body exposed. No bra. However, fortunately, there are still florals and polka dots. Which covers the (sorry) nipples.

Oh yes. In addition to the row of young stars earlier, there is also veteran actor Franco Nero. The elderly figure from Italy became famous after starring in the classic western film Django (1966). In this film, he plays the role of Baron de Gondoriz.

And, as a result, with these stars, after premiering at the New York Film Festival on October 15, 2016, The Lost City of Z received a positive response. The critics considered that the film based on a true story which lasted 141 minutes was quite unique. Especially, when compared to other adventure films.

Director James Gray was considered successful in putting forward the cultural background and way of thinking of the people at that time. In addition, with the help of cameraman Darius Khondji, Gray is also able to present a dim but elegant visual. The scenes in the forest he shot were as rough as possible. So that the audience feels, as if, being trapped in the middle of the wilderness.

Besides James Gray, Charlie Hunnam also received a lot of praise for his acting. Because it is considered capable of displaying Percy Fawcett’s various emotions perfectly. So is the case with Sienna Miller. Which is considered successful in portraying the figure of Nina very naturally and elegantly.

In addition, in terms of the story, The Lost City of Z is also full of moral messages. One of the most inspiring quotes from this film is when Percy and his innocent son, Jack, are surrounded by Indians. The father said: “Be strong. If it’s not time yet, we’ll definitely be fine.”

Although the portion is not much, Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, managed to capture the audience’s attention in the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). In fact, his appearance, which was only for a short time, was considered capable of “beating” the two male superheroes who became the main play.

This year, Wonder Woman is back on the big screen. However, no longer as a sweetener like in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, whose film received a negative response from critics, but as the main character in a solo film. Which starts showing in cinemas this Wednesday (31/5).