Freezia Admits She Was Surprised By Appearance In ‘Single’s Inferno’ Receiving Hot Reactions From Viewers, This Is The Fact

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Freezia Not Only Attracted The 3 Male Participants Of ‘Single’s Inferno’, But Viewers Were Also Curious About Her Figure. Upon The Audience’s Reaction, The Beautiful Influencer Admitted That She Was Surprised.

Freezia or Song Ji A is gaining more and more popularity after appearing on the dating reality show ” Single’s Inferno “. After making three male participants chase him, apparently this influencer has also made viewers curious.

“Single’s Inferno” is a dating reality show that brings together 6 men and women each on an uninhabited island. It is forbidden to reveal their occupation and age, they are expected to be attracted to each other because of their natural charm. But they have a chance to get to know each other more while enjoying the luxury dating facilities if they choose each other or win the daily game.

On Saturday (15/1), Freezia uploaded a question and answer video about “Single’s Inferno”. The beautiful YouTuber took the time to answer the most frequently asked questions.

One of Freezia’s questions of choice was about the scene that shocked her after watching “Single’s Inferno”. As is known, the 25-year-old woman has received a hot reaction because the words that were said to the male participants were considered adorable. But it turns out that the scene also took him by surprise.

While imitating her words during the shoot, Freezia said, “‘Okay, I’ll pay more attention’, ‘Oppa?’, ‘You might not want to go home,’ things like that. I didn’t do it on purpose. love it or I’ll explode. I can see what I was like when I first dated.”

Furthermore, Freezia also knew that she was called “Dongtae Ji A” because she looked like she was daydreaming when chatting with male participants. In this video, he straightens out that such an expression is not because he doesn’t like those he chats with but because of a change in lifestyle.

“It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s just, I’m in bad shape. I’m the type of person who sleeps in the morning and wakes up in the afternoon, but I have to get up at 6am to get ready, so I can’t adapt to changing patterns. sleep all of a sudden,” he explained.

Freezia realized that she should have changed her lifestyle long before coming to the island to shoot but her body didn’t follow her will. Then he highlighted the new nickname “Sangtae Ji A” where he looked excited after the presence of Cha Hyun Seung who was close to his ideal type. However, it turns out that there are other facts behind the change in his temperament.

“It’s true that the reason I became ‘Sangtae Ji A’ in the future was because I met someone who was like my ideal type. But it was also due to the fact that my body got used to the lifestyle on the island as the program progressed and my mind became clearer,” said Freezia.

Next, Freezia also told where her family also watched “Single’s Inferno”. Apparently, the father had his own choice regarding Freezia’s partner on the show, Choi Si Hoon . But apparently, Freezia left the island of hell after choosing Kim Hyeon Joong as her partner.

Freezia Responds To Allegations Of ‘Single’s Inferno’ Event Setting, Dare To Guarantee This

Along With The Attention Paid To ‘Single’s Inferno’, The Dating Reality Show Was Touted As A Setting Program. Responding To These Rumors, Freezia Dared To Guarantee This.

” Single’s Inferno ” is currently getting warm reactions from viewers both from South Korea and international audiences. This dating reality show has successfully penetrated the top 5 of the world’s Netflix TV show list, while Indonesia itself is in 3rd position as of Wednesday (12/1).

Set on an uninhabited island called “Hell”, this program brings together 6 men and women each. It is forbidden to reveal age and occupation while in Hell, only those couples who make it to Heaven can talk about it all. There were at least 4 couples who were successfully matched at the end of the event.

Along with its popularity, there were accusations that “Single’s Inferno” had been arranged in such a way and the participants acted according to the script, aka the setting event . However, this assumption has been denied by one of the participants, namely the beautiful YouTuber Freezia or Song Ji A.

In her recent YouTube video, Freezia answered the question, “Is ‘Single’s Inferno’ based on a script or do they let you do and say whatever?”

In response, Freezia commented, “I saw the reactions and comments. It seems many believe that it was already written in the script.”

Even Freezia can guarantee that none of the participants memorized the script. According to him, all of them will not be able to follow the script because no one is an actor by profession.

“But I have to tell you, that it’s really unscripted. This doesn’t make sense. Think about it. How can we follow the script when we’re not even actors? I promise not one,” he continued.

Freezia revealed all participants’ behavior as they wanted. But if you look at how the drama unfolds during the event, the influencer thinks it’s only natural that people think that everything has been arranged.

“All participants act as they wish. But maybe it all looks like a soap opera? Maybe that’s why everyone says it was written,” concluded Freezia.

Meanwhile, Freezia managed to get out of Hell Island after choosing Kim Hyun Jeong as a partner among the three participants who approached her. During the event, the 25-year-old woman succeeded in bringing two other men, Choi Si Hun and Cha Hyun Seung , to her knees.