‘Free Guy’: fun entertainment with the lovely Ryan Reynolds


‘Free Guy’ is one of the many films that have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Originally slated for July 3, 2020, up to three date changes are needed to definitively establish its launch on August 18. At Espinof we’ve had the chance to take a look at it and I’ve already told you it’s a great hobby that knows how to take advantage of the stimulating starting point that is a little ‘Truman Show’ in video games.

Of course, he’s not playing a foul-mouthed superhero here, but rather a non-video game player character who engages in a journey of personal discovery and extraordinary adventure with the aim of providing viewers with an enjoyable time.

Serving Ryan Reynolds

In his own way, the beginning of ‘Free Guy’ follows the tradition of the story with fish coming out of the water, as Reynolds’ character is a nobody who is called upon to be one of the background characters in a video game that seems to be inspired by ‘Grand Theft’. Auto’ saga . For this reason, the most vivid and colorful elements occur as part of the universe it inhabits instead of being the story axis during the first hour.

It is the charisma of the actors who work as the main support during the phase where the audience must be introduced to the original universe, as ‘Free Guy’ is one of those rare occasions where Hollywood has no problem trusting multi-million dollar budgets for scripts that are not part of the intellectual property. previously.

From there, ‘Free Guy’ hit the mark with a mix dominated by comedy and action but within it there was also a certain room for romance. Obviously, his aspirations in this way aren’t very high, but they do help to give the final result a certain emotional component so the story never gets too out of hand and people are always clear about the reasons why she wants to see Dune Online succeed.


However, the film is an invaluable contribution from Reynolds, as it is certainly the star of the show, but both Jodie Comer as Taika Waititi, Lil Rel Howery and Joe Keery contribute a little to give more authority to the final result. Personally, I really enjoy Watiti’s annoying boss, as he embroiders his character so much that he seems like he was born to play it. On top of that, Keery helps keep the film going at all times, while Comer falls in love again with the character in his Villanelle antipode in ‘Killing Eve’ and Howery shows the little spots of comic innocence he’s so good at. It comes to not losing movies over time.

Very effective

To all of this we have to add its own world, both in video games and in real life, with its own voice enough to captivate the audience. These films are always interesting, often allowing more or less background detail to be included to give the game more play. It’s true that more and more of this is happening on the front lines as time goes on, but it’s still a natural consequence of the more active the protagonist in the story.

This is something that also extends to the flicker that is in the movie, becoming more and more direct by the minute until it culminates with certain moments that couldn’t be more reminiscent of that Disney has owned Fox, producer of ‘Free Guy’, for several years now. . Thankfully, it’s out of place in the ecosystem that Shawn Levy previously created, which has always been very clear that fun is the ultimate goal.

He knows that the story is important to connect with the audience, even those times when it might be clearer or just a step for everything to reach the desired point of view, and he knows how to maintain control of the narrative. Instead, there may not be any memorable scenes in terms of staging, but they are always functional and provide what every situation needs to keep us entertained.

I also don’t want to sound like a jug of cold water, but always remember that ‘Free Men’ is a hobby. Maybe he’s tackling ideas that give more than himself, but here’s what’s important isn’t it to investigate it, but use it to offer a show to a certain point may cross your head. or ‘Player One Ready’ .

in short

‘Free Guy’ is not one of those films that will leave an indelible mark, but it is a great entertainment that knows how to squeeze the light that defines it on all levels to provoke laughter and emotion in audiences. Ryan Reynolds is back to doing his best, he’s pretty well accompanied and as a show he’s striking at all times. Good example of popcorn cinema.