Frank Lampard Talks About Crisis Befalling Chelsea


Chelsea legend Frank Lampard is concerned about the ‘disaster’ that befell his former club. Chelsea experienced a crisis after the club owner, Roman Abramovich, was sanctioned by the British Government.

The club is in limbo after its assets were frozen. This caused the Blues‘ finances to be in chaos. Starting not being able to transact buying and selling players, losing sponsors, to frozen credit cards.

Several staff have reportedly been laid off. While many employees worry about whether they will be paid at the end of the month.

The British government reportedly gave time for Roman Abramovich to continue the process of selling Chelsea.

“I was successful there for almost two years, played there for 13 years and I have friends who work behind the scenes ,” said Lampard .

“Obviously there will be something on a human level if people lose their jobs at Chelsea which I care about.”

“I care about the fans; Chelsea fans who have been before us and will be after us. This is a difficult moment for the club.”

Banta Close to Roman Abramovich

Lampard only supports Chelsea staff, players and fans, nothing more.

job and it’s in danger, you care a lot about that.

As for his relationship with Abramovich, the former midfielder and Chelsea boss quickly distanced himself.

I can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I’ve seen him in recent years.

“I worked for Chelsea for 13 years and it was an absolute pleasure, and that’s where I wanted to leave that one.”

The tragic fate of Chelsea increasingly hit the impact of the freezing of Roman Abramovich’s assets by the British Government. Now, the club from West London can not buy gas for the team bus.

According to a report by The Athletic , Chelsea were unable to buy gas because the asset freeze extended to the club’s credit cards. Of course, these sanctions can have a broad impact on team performance.

As is known, the London Blue Team often uses buses as transportation from the hotel to the stadium in home and away matches. As for long-distance travel, Thomas Tuchel’s troops usually use trains to airplanes.

Operating costs-In addition, the club’s operating costs are also drastically reduced by the British Government. Chelsea are now not allowed to spend more than 20,000 pounds (Rp 376 million) on the cost of traveling back and forth on the party.

Operational cost suppression also occurs for home games. Chelsea are not allowed to spend more than 500 thousand pounds (Rp9.4 billion) in a game at Stamford Bridge.

The sanctions received by Chelsea took effect from Thursday (10/3/2022). The British government sanctioned Roman Abramovich regarding the invasion of his country, namely Russia, into Ukraine.

Source: Sports Illustrated, The Athletic