Francesca Barra and Claudio Santamaria: kids, love story, for how long they were with each other and also exactly how they met


Francesca Barra and Claudio Santamaria: they are defined as the most stunning as well as long-lived pair in the amusement globe. They met as teens and also reunited as grownups.

Francesca Barra and Claudio Santamaria: kids as well as a romance
Francesca Barra was previously wed to Marcello Molfino, from 2005 to 2016. A year after the divorce, journalist Barra revealed her interaction to star Claudio Santamaria. The two wedded initial in the United States and after that, in 2018, in Policoro. Their child Athena was birthed from their union in February 2022.

The news of the infant’s birth arrived on social networks: “Our Athens has been born! Mum as well as dad are in love”. Nevertheless, prior to the birth of their initial child, Athena, Claudio Santamaria as well as Francesca Barra experienced the tragedy of abortion in 2019: “It was a pain that we didn’t actually assess. My 3 previous pregnancies went quietly. When I comprehended whatever, I entering a great void, you realize that you are susceptible, delicate, as well as there is no thermometer for pain”.

How much time have they been with each other and also how did they satisfy
Reporter Barra as well as star Santamaria have fulfilled from the top to Policoro, his hometown, and also his destination due to the fact that his mother is from Basilicata. So he recounted their first conference: “He welcomed me to dance one evening in a seaside vacation town in Policoro. I will certainly always remember that Roman young boy’s smile. Claudio just recently confessed to me that he also is captivated by my stare, also if in the following summer we no longer think about each various other,” the reporter said while talking with Verissimo in 2019.

While the reporter was still with her ex-husband, something read: “One night we went to dinner as 2 buddies and also we talked till four in the morning. After that we remained on the sidewalk near the Colosseum and also there something occurred. We never left one behind. each various other because.” For a long time it was a secret connection as well as marriage in Las vega, as she had to safeguard the privacy of her 3 little girls with her former husband.