Formula 1 will once again have a constituency in Las Vegas


Forty-one years later, Formula 1 will return to Las Vegas in 2023 with a night race in November on a 6,120-meter urban circuit with 14 curves in which a maximum speed of 342 km / h will be reached and 50 laps will be given, announced this Thursday the highest category of motorsport in a press release published at the dawn of Europe.

With the addition of the Las Vegas Strip race, between hotels and casinos, the United States will have three Formula 1 races starting next year, as well as those in Miami and Austin (Texas), with the aim of expanding the base of fans to the motoring.

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With the horizon set in the manifest of the whole world, the Las Vegas race starts on Saturday, according to warehouse time, which in Europe will be on Sunday morning and Asia will be the Sunday morning session.

precious time

It is an incredible moment for F1, showing the great appeal and growth of our sport with a third race in the United States. Italian F1 CEO and president Stefano Domenicali said in the statement.

Las Vegas -he added- is a destination known worldwide for its excitement, its hospitality and, of course, the renowned Strip. There is no better constituency for Formula 1 than the world’s wealth of entertainment.”

Steve Hill, president and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), spoke of the moment when the history, energy and momentum of Formula 1 culminate in an unforgettable Saturday night on the Strip. from Las Vegas”.

Formula 1 Spectators will experience the unprecedented thrill of watching these elite drivers perform on what is sure to become one of the most iconic circuits in the world, he said.

The last time Formula 1 was in Las Vegas was in 1982, during the 75-lap season-ending race around Caesars Palace.

The champion is the Italian Michele Alboreto (Tyrrel-Ford), who obtained his first victory on the circuit.

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