For the sake of Marquinhos, Chelsea are ready to pay PSG a high price


Premier League club , Chelsea seems to really want to get Marquinhos in 2022. The Blues are reportedly ready to pay a high price to secure the services of the PSG defender.

Chelsea are known to want to find a new central defender in 2022. Thomas Tuchel needs an additional fleet in their defense because Thiago Silva is aging.

There are several top centre-backs who have been linked with Chelsea. One of them is PSG’s defender, Marquinhos.

RMC Sports claim that Chelsea are really serious about signing Marquinhos. They are even prepared to pay huge sums of money for the defender.

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Potential defender
According to the report, Thomas Tuchel is quite desperate to bring in Marquinhos.

The manager knows very well the ability of the Brazilian defender. Because he had handled it directly when he was still PSG manager.

He believes Marquinhos is one of the best centre-backs in the world right now so the defender can be the difference for Chelsea in the future.

Pay High
According to the report, Chelsea are very serious about securing the services of Marquinhos.

They know the defender is still under contract at PSG until 2024. While PSG are also reluctant to part with their defensive pillars.

To convince PSG to release Marquinhos, Chelsea are reportedly ready to tempt Les Parisien for a fee of 100 million euros.

Other Options
Chelsea have an alternative option for their central defender post.

Chelsea are also known to be chasing Jules Kunde’s signature from Chelsea.

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Want Matthijs De Ligt, Chelsea and Real Madrid to get ready for a sudden rush

European transfer expert, Fabrizio Romano has new information about the transfer saga of Matthijs De Ligt . He said the defender had a very large release clause at Juventus .

De Ligt is one of the potential young defenders owned by Juventus. The defender has been actively defending the Old Lady’s defense since 2019.

Recently, the agent Mino Raiola said that De Ligt could leave Juventus in 2022. As a result several clubs such as Chelsea and Real Madrid were reportedly interested in landing the defender.

Romano claims that both Chelsea and Real Madrid would be desperate to sign De Ligt. Because the defender has a very high release clause.

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High Release Clause
According to Romano, Juventus entered a very high release clause when getting the services of De Ligt.

This is because they bought De Ligt from Ajax at a very high price. So they want to protect their assets.

That’s why Juventus put a release clause of 150 million Euros in De Ligt’s contract.

Can be tricked
But Romano also provided interesting information so that Real Madrid and Chelsea could get De Ligt’s services cheaper.

The release clause is apparently still not active at this time. The clause will only take effect in the summer of 2022.

So if Chelsea and Real Madrid are desperate to sign De Ligt, they can try to sign the defender in January.

Transfer dowry
If in January, Real Madrid and Chelsea can be more efficient in bringing De Ligt.

The Dutch national team defender can reportedly be recruited in the range of 80 million Euros.