Footballers with the Tallest Body Posture in History


Having a tall posture is certainly a distinct advantage for footballers. The reason is, they will be very easy to win air ball duels. Not only that, tall players will also get special attention because they are different from other players.

Even so, there are also some weaknesses that tall players have. Some of these players usually don’t have agility and very fast running speed. Here are five footballers with the tallest posture in history.

Kristof van Hout – 2.08 meters
Kristof van Hout is the tallest goalkeeper in the world. This Belgian footballer started his professional career with the Eredivisie team, Willem II. Failing to start his career as expected, he later returned to Belgium and played for Koninklijke Voetbalclub Kortrijk and Royal Standard de Liege in the First Division.

Throughout his career, the goalkeeper who has a height of 2.08 meters has only won one title, namely the Belgian Cup trophy in the 2012/2013 season. The title was won by van Hout when defending Genk. Now the 34-year-old is defending another Belgian club, namely KVC Westerlo.

Vanja Ivesa – 2.05 meters
Vanja Ivesa is a Croatian goalkeeper who just retired at the age of 44 in July 2021. With that age, the goalkeeper set a record as a footballer with the oldest age to ever play in Croatian competition. He did spend most of his professional career in Croatian competition.

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However, Ivesa has also played in Australian and Turkish competitions. Unfortunately, the goalkeeper has never won a title in his career.

Lacina Traore – 2.03 meters
Lacina Traore is a footballer from Ivory Coast who plays as a striker. Throughout his career the player has appeared with several elite European teams such as AS Monaco, Everton, CSKA Moscow, to Sporting Gijon. He also played for the national team 13 times and scored 4 goals.

Because of his tall stature, Traore was nicknamed by many as the “Big Tree”. Traore himself just retired in February 2021. The last club he played for was Bandirmaspor, a team from Turkey.

Costel Pantilimon – 2.03 meters
Of the several players above, the name Costel Pantilimon may be quite familiar to the ears of football lovers. The reason is that the Romanian goalkeeper had a career in the Premier League competition. He had defended clubs such as Manchester City, Watford, Sunderland, to Nottingham Forest.

Pantilimon even had two Premier League titles with Manchester City in 2012 and 2014. Apart from defending English teams, the goalkeeper has also played for Deportivo de La Coruna and Denizlispor. Pantilimon just retired from football in July 2021.

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