Following Pirlo, Del Piero and other Italian legends take the coaching exam


Several Italian and Serie A legends underwent a test to get permission to train at Coverciano on Friday (15/10/2021) local time. One of them is former Juventus player , Alessandro Del Piero .

Italy is known to have a course called Coverciano which has produced many famous coaches. Former Juventus and AC Milan player, Andrea Pirlo, is one of the newest products from this place.

Long before that, Coverciano had also produced figures like Antonio Conte to Fabio Capello. Likewise with Roberto Mancini, who recently brought the Italian national team out as champions of Euro 2020.

Coverciano attracted attention some time ago after Pirlo was appointed as Juventus coach despite having no experience. The consideration is Pirlo’s status as the highest scorer in the last exam at Coverciano.

Del Piero Takes Exams at Converciano
Legendary figures also flocked to take courses at Coverciano to get a coaching license. Recently, as reported by Football Italia, a number of legends took a series of tests.

Del Piero is one of them. The figure who is loved by the majority of Juventus fans is currently undergoing his career as a pundit. But that didn’t stop him from pursuing his journey as a coach.

Former Inter Milan, Christian Vieri, is known to have taken the same test. Likewise with AS Roma legend, Daniele De Rossi, who was part of Roberto Mancini’s coaching staff at Euro 2020.

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Other Legends Involved
If they pass, the participants of the coaching course at Coverciano this time will get a UEFA A license which allows them to coach Serie C teams. The exam is conducted online and is aimed at people who have been in the world of football for a long time while active as players.

Berikut adalah daftar sosok tersohor Italy yang mengikuti ujian tersebut: Ignazio Abate, Gianluca Curci, Alessandro Del Piero, Daniele De Rossi, Daniele Gastaldello, Massimo Maccarone, Alessandro Matri, Riccardo Montolivo, Marcelo Otero, Giampaolo Pazzini, David Pizarro, Stefano Torrisi and Christian Vieri.

Will Del Piero and several other Italian legends be able to pass the coaching exam? It would be interesting to see Del Piero standing on the sidelines as Juventus coach one day.

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Del Piero reveals the quality of Ronaldo that is rarely discussed by the media and fans, what is it?

Legend of Juventus Alessandro Del Piero admitted impressed with the accuracy of the shot superstar Manchester United , Cristiano Ronaldo .

Ronaldo has left Juventus. Now he rejoined Manchester United.

Even though he has left Juve, Ronaldo’s appearance still gets Del Piero’s attention. He observed the Portuguese player’s performance in his first two matches with the Red Devils.

Ronaldo plays against Newcastle United in the Premier League. Then he also played in the Champions League against Young Boys.

Ronaldo’s moves
In the match against Newcastle, which was his debut match, Cristiano Ronaldo appeared special. He immediately scored two goals for Manchester United.

He also helped the Red Devils to win with a score of 4-1. According to Alessandro Del Piero, Ronaldo was able to score these goals because of his slick movement without the ball.

Ronaldo’s Strengths Are Rarely Discussed by Media and Fans
Alessandro del Piero then discussed the advantages of Cristiano Ronaldo, which the media and fans rarely discuss. He said the 36-year-old has very good shooting accuracy.

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His shots are always on target. That’s a big difference with other strikers.”

“Sometimes you can be lucky as was the case in the last game [against Newcastle], but he was always right on target and that was important.”

“As we saw at Villarreal vs. Atalanta, the striker’s efforts sometimes deviate from the target, rarely happens with Cristiano,” said Del Piero.

During his time at Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo appeared 134 times and recorded 101 goals. Currently with Manchester United, Ronaldo has scored three goals in just two matches.