Following BTS, Aespa becomes ‘New Generation Leader 2022’


On May 12, Time magazine announced the list of “Next generation leaders 2022″ to honor the faces leading global trends and rising stars with the potential to contribute to society. Future groups like Aespa, Olga Rudenko, editor-in-chief of Kyiv Independent, Jonathan Bailey of Bridgerton, YouTuber Deepica Mutyala… Aespa became the second K-pop artist after BTS to be selected in this prestigious list.

Accordingly, although SM’s youngest member has only been active for nearly 2 years, the group is highly appreciated for its unique style through bridging the gap between real life and the online world with virtual characters. Despite debuting during a difficult time of the epidemic, Aespa quickly achieved many remarkable achievements at a very young age.

The group’s debut MV ” Black mamba ” quickly achieved 100 million views upon its release, and the first mini-album Savage also debuted at #20 on the Billboard 200 . Not only that, thanks to the breakthrough of the super hit Next level , Aespa’s name began to spread widely on social networking platforms around the world, contributing to improving the group’s recognition and position in the Kpop arena. .

According to Time , unlike other ordinary music groups, Aespa’s image is meticulously built and has new colors. Each member has their own virtual character, these characters are integrated and appear throughout the group’s musical products. The story of Aespa was designed and planned in detail by the famous Korean management company – SM Entertainment.

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The group’s style is also considered an ambitious new step in the SM – Kwangya cultural universe. Like the Marvel or DC Comics empires, the “K-pop giants” are creating a world that connects the real and the virtual together. In it, all the company’s artists will co-exist as well as develop complex storylines, including specific details and threats from villains…

Talking about the company’s bold idea, the main vocalist Aespa Ning Ning said, “Honestly, from the beginning, we were very nervous, because the group’s concept is a very new thing in the industry. the company. But now, our fans really love the idea and even make funny stories out of it.”

Like fans, Aespa members are all in the process of learning and discovering more about the artistic element of combining the real world and virtual space, through the group’s songs and MVs. “The goal was to normalize virtual world concepts and make our fans and other audiences feel a little bit more comfortable with the whole concept,” said rapper Giselle. In addition to viewing content through songs, Aespa hopes that the group can make the audience think about what they show on online platforms as well as how people interact with their virtual identities.

On the other hand, at the end of this summer, Aespa will join other artists of SM Entertainment to participate in the first live concert after 3 years of hiatus due to the epidemic problem.