Five Anime Characters You Probably Didn’t Know Were Based On Real People

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The anime, although it develops fictional stories, has many characters that are generally based on icons of Asian culture.

Many of the characters in the stories we consume on a daily basis are based on real people. That is as normal as the sound of a bird or breakfast in the morning. However, the more fanciful the adventure, as is the case with anime, the more difficult it becomes for us to imagine that a human served as inspiration for a hero with extraordinary abilities .

Let’s not go to extremes thinking that Masami Kurumada saw a person executing the Pegasus comet strikes before creating Seiya from the Knights of the Zodiac.

We also can’t get into the idea that Eiichiro Oda saw someone perform a Rock Smashing Flowing Water Fist and then design Saitama, in One Punch Man.

These heroes have certain characteristics in their personalities or physical appearance that the writer integrated after seeing them in someone they knew or a well-known figure that they constantly saw. So, that’s how the fictional character was completed for the creator.

Anime characters based on real people
According to a review by Alpha Beta Play , the anime Gintama is one of the most reality-based characters. Like the case of the swordsman Rurouni Kenshin , based on Kawakami Gensai, a skilled swordsman in the Japanese empire. He was a faithful follower of the emperor of his time. The physiques between the two are very similar.

Yushin Okami, a renowned mixed martial arts fighter, served as the inspiration for one of the dangerous titans in the renowned manga/anime Attack on Titans (Shingeki no Kyojin).

This is one of the most obvious, in this count of anime characters based on real people. Cowboy Bepop ‘s protagonist , Spike Spiegel , is a clear representation of actor and martial artist Yusaku Matsuda.

Yuri!!! o Ice is an anime series that is not so fanciful. It bases its story on ice skaters and its protagonist, Yuuri, is based on the Olympic athlete Yuzuru Hanyu.

In Naruto we also find a character based on someone real and what a character! Perhaps one of the most iconic in history: Bruce Lee. In fact, he seems to be a direct descendant since in the anime the character is called Rock Lee. He doesn’t have Kekkei Genkai, nor can he fight other than Taijutsu.