Fish are not even in the rain! Palmeiras played better, beat Santos and won second classic in a row


It was raining heavily minutes before the classic clash between Palmeiras and Santos this Sunday (13), for the 11th round of the Paulista Championship. And even with all the water, which keeps dropping during the game, the Fish can’t do well. The team led by Fabián Bustos saw Verdão better throughout the match, abused to lose a goal, but still won 1-0.

The only goal of the match was scored by Raphael Veiga, via a penalty kick, in the 49th minute of the first half. In the effort that resulted in a penalty, defender Emiliano Velázquez, from Alvinegro Praiano, was sent off after hitting Kusevic.


Palmeiras started the match by cornering Santos on the defensive field, but failed at the end of the game. There were at least four good situations to open the scoring until the 21st minute of the first half, but only one shot on target, with Gustavo Scarpa, in the 10th minute, did not take much danger for João Paulo, who held on in the middle of the target.

Verdão bet on direct calls and the pace of Dudu, who abused to get close to Lucas Pires, made the game but missed the final touch.


Seeing Palmeiras unable to keep up the pace at the start of the match, Santos started to loosen up after 20 minutes of the first half, and for the first time hit the net in the 23rd minute, starting Auro’s debut. a cross for Ricardo Goulart headed in weakly for an easy save by Weverton.


Going forward, Peixe created one of the best chances of the first 45 minutes in the 30th minute with former Palmeiras man Ricardo Goulart. In a move very similar to the first created by Santos in the game, the ball was crossed from the right, this time by Lucas Barbosa, the Santos 10 shirt anticipating the mark and heading powerfully, having already beaten the Weverton goalkeeper, but the ball accidentally kissed the archer’s left post. the palmeirense.

Goulart, who played for Verdão for five months in 2019, after making 12 games and four goals, was condemned at some point in the match by Palmeiras fans. At first it was only by the fans who were behind the north goal, where Santos attacked, but late in the first half.


Palmeiras returned to their defensive line late in the first half and created their best chance in the 45th minute, following a quick free kick and Raphel Veiga’s cross for Gustavo Gómez to climb higher than the others and stop the magic from the Santos keeper.


Following João Paulo’s defence, Palmeiras took a corner for the final game of the first half, João Paulo sent the ball badly, the ball back to Zé Rafael who finished for another great intervention by the Santos goalkeeper, but on the rebound Peixe defender Emiliano Velázquez hit palmeirense Kusevic who came on for take advantage of rebounds. The Santos defender, already shown a yellow card, was sent off, and referee Raphael Claus signaled a penalty for Verdão.

In that shot, Raphael Veiga converted his 19th penalty in 19 kicks since he arrived at Palmeiras, in 2017. It was the player’s fifth goal of the year, fourth in the shootout.


With one more player, Palmeiras returned to the second half with a push and had at least three good chances to increase the score in the first 10 minutes of the final.

First with Dudu receiving a pass from Zé Rafael, hitting a cross and Rony, with a wagon, sending it out of a small area. Then, with a line from left-back Jorge, leaving two Santos behind, it hit goalkeeper João Paulo in the face, but stopped at Santos. And, finally, in the 9th minute, with Weverton quickly calling for Dudu from the right, and the 7 shirt playing backwards, for Zé Rafael to finish over the net.


Palmeiras continued to dominate the action in the second half but, as in the early stages, the absence of a decider cost the team hugely, who created great chances, but didn’t finish them off successfully.

The two main moments were with Zé Rafael, who tapped into a ball that João Paulo defended, in a drop from Palmeiras on the right, and finished it, and with Rony stabbing a sweet ball he received from Dudu.


And Palmeiras, unable to end the match, suffered at the end, especially in the 46th minute, with a submission from Gabriel Pirani, who had just entered, from outside the box, forcing Weverton to make a fine save.

The next minute, Lucas Pires crossed d

i left midfield for Lucas Barbosa to head into goal.


Location: Allianz Parque, São Paulo (SP)
Date and time: March 13, 2022 at 18:30
Referee: Raphael Claus
Assistants: Danilo Ricardo Simon Sweet and Mauro André de Freitas
Video referee: Vinicius Furlan
public and

rent: 38,381 pax / BRL 2,077,998.56
Yellow cards: Marcos Rocha and Deyverson (Palmeiras); Auro and Lucas Pires (Santos)
Red card: Velázquez (Santos)

Goal: Raphael Veiga (49’/1T)

PALM OIL TREE: Weverton; Mayke (Marcos Rocha, 14’/2T), Gustavo Gómez, Benjamín Kusevic and Jorge; Jailson, Zé Rafael (Wesley, 21’/2T), Raphael Veiga (Deyverson, 32’/2T) and Gustavo Scarpa (Atuesta, 21’/2T); Dudu and Rony (Rafael Navarro, 32’2T). Coach: Abel Ferreira

PARENTS: John Paul; Auro (Gabriel Pirani, 43’/2T), Emiliano Velázquez, Eduardo Bauerman and Lucas Pires; Kaiky, Sandry (Camacho, halftime) and Vinicius Zanocelo (Vinicius Balieiro, 32’/2T); Ângelo (Lucas Braga, half time), Ricardo Goulart (Marcos Leonardo, 20′ and Lucas Barbosa. Coach: Fabián Bustos