First Look Stranger Things Season 4 with More Horror Feel


Stranger Things became one of the popular original series from the streaming service Netflix. The series will return in 2022 with its fourth and final season. Well, recently Netflix finally released a number of first looks from Stranger Things Season 4. Interestingly, some of these first looks have a feel that feels much more horror than the previous seasons.

In some of the photos, we can see a number of main characters, such as Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Will, Lucas, and also Max. They now seem much more mature and have quite a different appearance than a number of previous seasons. However, in some of the photos they seem to be in a tense atmosphere as if there is another new danger that is ready to threaten them.

Launching Screen Rant, Ross Duffer, creator of Stranger Things, revealed that they had abandoned the fantasy-thriller feel of the previous seasons. Because, now the players have grown up and can enter a much more horror genre. “We are much more inclined towards the films we like. It’s great to make that change,” said Duffer.

In addition to the first look that gives a sense of horror, there is also the latest image from Stranger Things Season 4 which features the figure of Jim Hopper. Just a reminder, many suspect that Hopper died at the end of the third season of the series. However, Hopper actually reappeared in his fourth season teaser which was released in 2020 and his latest first look.

Until now it has not been revealed how Hopper managed to survive the incident that occurred at the end of the third season. This may only be revealed when Stranger Things Season 4 releases on May 27.