First Impressions Watching Tower of God Anime: Review Episodes 1-3


The Tower of God anime is based on the webtoon comic by Korean artist SIU. It’s quite interesting to know that there are Korean comics or Manhwa that are adapted into anime by Japanese animation studios. Moreover, the studio that produces Lupine the 3rd anime. What will the anime be like?

After watching the first three episodes of the Tower of God anime, it seems that this anime series is trying to present a new taste. An anime that is a bit different because the source comes from Korea.

For the record, I’ve never read the manhwa, have I. So for fans of the Tower of God comics, please understand this review.

Synopsis of the anime Tower of God
Tells the story of Yoru a mysterious young man who wants to find Rachel, a (also) mysterious girl. Rachel’s last message to Yoru was that she went to a tower or tower (not a Telkomsel tower) to see the stars. Because Yoru was upset, he followed Rachel to the tower.

It turned out that the tower was very famous. Everyone tries to climb it because it is said that it can give you everything you want if you make it to the top. But, to get to the top, there will be various kinds of tests that must be passed. Can Yoru pass all those tests?

Different drawing styles
As an anime based on a manhwa, Tower of God uses a different or anti-mainstream image style from most anime. The outline is a bit rough like it was drawn with a pencil. But this doesn’t bother me at all. Then the animation is quite flexible with a rather light color.

Korean opening song
Well, in addition to the style of the image, the music is also what distinguishes Tower of God from other anime. The opening song is sung by Korean band Stray Kids. The song is good, sounds epic and also fantastic. But I don’t like the rap part. Each one’s taste.

Then, the opening theme is also unique. The credits containing the names of the creative people behind this anime are written in capital letters and dominate the footage. In conventional anime, the credits are written in small pieces, right?

Episode 1 is a bit confusing
From the first three episodes, maybe episode 1 will make us confused. Information about the story is conveyed half-heartedly, deliberately withheld so that we are curious. But sometimes this can also make us confused, about what this anime is about.

Fortunately, in episodes 2 and 3, the story and the world in Tower of God have started to become clearer and more interesting.

Unique Yoru character
One way to make the main character interesting is to make him different or have something special. Yoru’s character is like that too. He is different from other people.

While most people go up the Tower to get materials, Yoru goes to the Tower solely to meet Rachel. Rachel was everything to him and he couldn’t live without her. Very bad, yes. But from the first three episodes, it’s not clear whether Yoru’s feelings for Rachel are love for their partner or not.

Yoru’s character is also made more interesting with a mysterious background. He comes from the world outside the tower and he is referred to as the Irregular.

World of Tower of God
The world in this anime is described as a fantasy world. The tower that the characters climb is not a narrow and claustrophobic tower, but a tower that contains a vast world.

This tower has a government system. There are kings, princesses, officers who take care of them, and residents. Maybe this symbolizes caste in the world universally.

The creatures that inhabit this tower come from various races, just like a fantasy world. There are like humans, lizards, monsters, to creatures that resemble balloons. All these creatures are quite attention-grabbing.

With the world inside the tower and the world outside the tower, the world building anime Tower of God makes us curious, whether these worlds have different dimensions or not.

A test similar to the Hunter exam
To reach the top of the tower, participants had to go through a test. These exams are reminiscent of the Hunter exams in the Hunter X Hunter anime. There are tests that require fighting to the death and there are tests that require reason or luck. Sometimes we are asked to be tense, sometimes we are invited to think about the test that Yoru experienced.

In addition to the exams, the characters of Yoru and Khun Aguero (yes the author is said to have been inspired by famous footballers) are reminiscent of the characters Gon and Killua in Hunter X Hunter. Yoru is very innocent and has sincere eyes like Gon. Meanwhile, Khun who has white hair always relies on himself and doesn’t trust other people like Killua.

Power system or type of power
Well, it’s definitely not true if an anime doesn’t have a power system or the type of power used in the fictional world. From the first three episodes, two types of power are introduced, namely an heirloom weapon and a mysterious energy called Shinsoo.

Each weapon in this anime has a unique power. There are things like Doraemon’s magic pouch, magic whip, and sa legendary heirloom sword.

Of course Yoru as the main character gets the legendary heirloom sword. The ins and outs of this sword’s relationship with a princess named Jahad is one of the secrets that makes us feel at home watching it.

As for Shinsoo, not much explanation so far. Shinsoo is like a water that supports the world in this anime. Those who can use Shinsoo are strong people.

So far, Tower of God is one of the most interesting anime released this year. It quite lived up to expectations because it was an adaptation of a well-known manhwa.

In addition to Tower of God, there are two famous manhwas that will also be adapted into anime and released this year, namely Noblesse and God of Highschool. For Solo Leveling fans, I think they have to wait before the manhwa becomes an anime.