Films that change directors repeatedly


1. Bohemian Rhapsody – Twice changed directors

This biopic about Freddy Mercury is truly epic . Rami Malek who plays Freddy is so total acting. This film managed to reveal the story of the band Queen, which maybe not many people know.

During the process, the film went through many director changes. Initially this film was directed by Bryan Singer, but in the middle of the road Singer was fired for indiscipline.

considering that production had to continue, Bohemian Rhapsody finally continued its production with Thomas Newton temporarily sitting on the director’s bench. Soon, the name Dexter Fletcher was appointed to replace Newton. Fortunately Fletcher managed to work on this film very brilliantly and made this film a huge success.

2. The Flash – Three times changing director

The Flash series is one of DC’s mainstay series. Since 2014 this series has always been in demand by loyal fans. However, when the film version of The Flash is planned, fans of this superhero must be tested for their patience.

How about not? since it was first announced in 2017, the film The Flash has not been completed. Many problems surround the production of this film, so that this film has been worked on by four different directors.

Initially, Seth Grahame-Smith was appointed as director, but later he was replaced by Rick Famuyiwa. It did not last long, the American director was replaced by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein who planned to work on the film together. However, this failed to materialize because the two directors were later replaced by Andres Muschietti. Due to the continuous change of directors, this film will finally be released in 2023.