Film Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine


1. Love in the Big City

Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s first film debut was Love in the Big City. This film tells the story of three friends who go abroad and work in America. The three people are Arteg who works as a tour guide, Oleg who works in a women’s fitness center, and Igor who works as a Dentist.

In this film, Zelensky plays Igor the dentist. The trio’s hilarious life in America is the main feature of this film. There is a romance story that also wraps the 2009 film.

This film is considered a success because three years later. Zelensky and friends have been called back to play the same character in the sequel to Love in the Big City 2.

2. Office Romance, Our Time

Two years after the success of the film Love in the Big City, Zelensky is back in a feature film. Again, the genre of the film he plays is comedy drama. This film is about the love story between subordinates and superiors.

Zelensky plays Novoseltev, a widower and financial analyst at an office owned by a woman named Lyudmila Kalugina. Well, Novoseltev and Kalugina are involved in a love story that makes their lives no longer the same. There are many incidents that end up making both of them question whether their relationship is the right thing or not.

3. Rzhevsky Versus Napoleon

In one film, Zelensky was found to have attacked Russia. The film is titled Rzhevsky Versus Napoleon. This is not a colossal war film that is serious and suspenseful to watch. On the other hand, because he is known as a comedic actor, this film adds to Zelensky’s portfolio as an actor who is keen to play in comedy films.

The film Rzhevsky Versus Napoleon tells the story of Napoleon who attacked Russia in the 19th century. Victory after victory was obtained by Napoleon until the fall of Russia was just a matter of time. Unfortunately, there were unexpected things that made Napoleon’s path to control Russia tripped. In this film, Volodymyr Zelensky plays a Napoleon Bonaparte.

4. 8 First Dates

Film 8 Fist Dates is a romantic comedy film that was released in 2012. This film involves Zelensky as the main character alongside Oksana Akinshina as her co-star. This film tells the story of Vera and Nikita who are strangely met.

Vera is a famous emcee who is about to marry a professional tennis athlete. Meanwhile, Nikita is a veterinarian who is about to marry a plastic surgeon.

One day suddenly Vera and Nikita woke up in the same room. They were shocked and did not understand what had just happened. The problem is it repeats itself every morning. They sleep in their respective rooms and then wake up in a room with a partner who is not their lover.

This oddity made Vera and Nikita think about what really happened. Are Vera and Nikita actually matched and united in this unusual way? The movie 8 First Dates will answer that

5. Servant of the People

The most surprising thing about Volodymyr Zelensky’s acting career is when he produced and starred in a series called Servant of the People. This series tells the story of a history teacher at a school, who criticizes the Ukrainian government which he considers to be very corrupt.

The history teacher’s statement was recorded by a student and went viral. The history teacher’s words then became a snowball that continued to raise his name. Until finally the history teacher was elected President of Ukraine.

The series was so popular in Ukraine that a political party was founded and its name was taken from the name of the party in the series. Zelensky in the series plays a history teacher who is lined up to actually run as a candidate for President of Ukraine.