Film The Captain Marvel 2019


The time it took Marvel Studios, to release their first female superhero solo film, was long. More than a decade. To be precise, if it is calculated from the launch of the first MCU film: Iron Man (2008). In fact, their competitor, DC Films, managed to overtake them. By releasing Wonder Woman (2017) first.

The Captain Marvel project, in fact, was announced three years ago. At the San Diego Comic-Con 2016. The fans who attended the Marvel Studios panel session, at that time, greeted him enthusiastically. Even though the characters are relatively foreign compared to other superheroes, fans still have high expectations for Captain Marvel.

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Before Avengers: Infinity War (2018), perhaps, not many ordinary viewers knew Captain Marvel. In fact, in the MCU’s highest-grossing film, he doesn’t appear at all. His figure is only represented by the golden star logo. With a red and blue background. Which is displayed briefly on the screen of Nick Fury’s pager (Samuel L. Jackson).

Avengers: Endgame is the most awaited film. By moviegoers worldwide. In this year 2019. However, before enjoying the “main course” at the end of April, the moviemania are first treated to an “appetizer”. In the form of Captain Marvel. Which airs in Indonesian cinemas starting this Wednesday (6/3).

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This Captain Marvel film is a historic project for Marvel Studios. For being the first female superhero solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). And at the same time it became the first MCU film to be directed by a female director. Namely: Anna Boden.

Reportedly, after being paged by Nick Fury in Avengers: Infinity War, Captain Marvel will appear in Avengers: Endgame later. In addition, interestingly, the strongest superhero figure in the Marvel universe will also be the key figure to defeat Thanos! Which is the biggest villain in the MCU franchise.

Meanwhile, as the title suggests, this Captain Marvel film tells the background of the character’s alter-ego: Carol Danvers. Played by the winner of the Oscars Best Actress in Room (2015): Brie Larson. The history of Carol Danvers’ own character is, in fact, quite complicated. Initially, the character was created by writer Roy Thomas and comic artist Gene Colan. His character first appeared in the Marvel Super-Heroes No. 13. Issued March 1968.

Originally, it was said that Carol Danvers was a fighter pilot. Member of the United States Air Force. He befriends a Kree alien. The name is Mar-Vell. At one point, there was an explosion. Which resulted in Carol Danvers’ DNA being mixed with Mar-Vell’s. Which, in the end, allowed him to fly and have super powers. In fact, Carol Danvers is said to be the strongest among the Avengers and other Marvel superheroes.

Thanks to her superhuman power, Carol Danvers later became Ms. Marvel. His character first appeared in a comic published in January 1977. Meanwhile, the title Captain Marvel itself only emerged in July 2012. When he appeared in the comic Avenging Spider-Man No. 9.

In terms of characterization, this Captain Marvel film adapts the comic by Kelly Sue DeConnick which was published in 2012. The description of the character Carol Danvers in the comic is indeed similar to the latest version of this MCU film.