Film Synopsis Ip Man 1 and 2, Action Film Martial Arts from Master Bruce Lee under the direction of director Wilson Yip and action actor Donnie Yen


For fans of martial arts films, you may already be familiar with the name Bruce Lee. The actor and martial arts expert is very well known for his abilities, making kung fu films famous everywhere.

But few people know that before Bruce Lee set foot in Hollywood, he had studied martial arts with a famous Wing Chun teacher named Yip Man/Ip Man. Because of his fame, Ip Man’s life story has made him into a biographical series of 4 feature films.

The first film was released in 2008 under the direction of director Wilson Yip and entrusted this role to action actor Donnie Yen. Well, what a coincidence because this time Vidio wants to share information regarding the synopsis for the film Ip Man. Let’s go!

Ip Man Movie Synopsis
The first film in the Ip Man biographical series tells the story of Ip Man’s early life in the city of Foshan around the 1930s. At that time, China was experiencing war conflict with Japan.

Initially, Ip Man’s family life was very prosperous and affluent. However, this changed when Foshan City fell into Japanese hands, all of a sudden Foshan people had to live in the bitterness of colonialism, including Ip Man’s family.

Once upon a time, the leader of the Japanese army, General Miura, held a martial arts fighting tournament. The rules, whoever can beat the Japanese army, he is entitled to a prize in the form of a bag of rice to take home.

Tempted by the prize, many of Ip Man’s friends who are martial arts experts take part in the tournament. But instead of getting a bag of rice, Ip Man’s friend was shot dead. Seeing injustice, Ip Man immediately challenged 10 Japanese soldiers to fight directly and managed to defeat all of them.

Ip Man’s martial arts skills amazed General Miura and immediately asked him to join the Japanese army. However, Ip Man clearly refused the offer regardless of the compensation.

This rejection then offended General Miura and challenged Ip Man to a duel in front of the people of Foshan.

Ip Man (Donnie Yen) is a martial artist who lives in the city of Foshan. There are many martial arts schools in the city, but Ip, who is known as a master, is reluctant to accept students.

In 1937, Foshan City, China, was dropped by the Japanese. Ip Man’s family, which used to be wealthy people, has now fallen and has to endure the bitterness of living in colonialism.

Ip Man’s house was seized by the Japanese and made into a military base. At that time the Japanese army general, General Miura (Hiroyuki Ikeuchi), held a fighting tournament. For those who manage to beat the Japanese fighter, they will be rewarded with a bag of rice.

Ip Man’s best friend who was an expert in martial arts at that time was willing to take part in a tournament to get rice. However, he was shot dead by Japanese soldiers. Seeing this, Ip was furious and prepared to fight 10 soldiers at once until he managed to defeat them all.

Impressed General Miura asks Ip to join the Japanese army, but he refuses. Disappointed by the rejection, Miura challenges Ip Man to fight with him in front of the people of Foshan.

Ip Man’s struggle begins. He then taught the Wing Chun martial arts technique to Foshan residents to survive and resist the arbitrary actions of the Japanese army.

IpMan 2
Ip Man 2 (2010) is a follow-up series to Ip Man (2008) which tells the continuation of the previous film. Ip Man 2 focuses on Ip’s movements in British Hong Kong. He started trying to spread Wing Chun but faced stiff competition from other practitioners.

Released in April 2010, this film managed to make a huge profit of up to a total of 49 million US dollars. The domestic theatrical gross for Ip Man 2 made it the highest-grossing Hong Kong film released during the first half of 2010.

Synopsis Ip Man 2
Continuing from Ip Man’s story in the previous series, Ip decides to move to Hong Kong in hopes of meeting a better life. In Hong Kong, Ip again opened a Wing Chun martial arts school.

To strengthen his education, he passed many obstacles. He had to fight many teachers from other schools to be recognized. He also had trouble getting students because of his unfavorable reputation in the city.

One day a young man named Wong Shun Leung appears and challenges Ip to a match and Ip easily defeats him. Impressed by Ip’s skills, Wong and his friends become Ip’s first students and help him grow the school to get many students.

It was from there that the fight between Ip and other martial arts schools began to emerge. In this film, it is told how Ip and his first students survive and struggle to develop the Wing Chun martial arts school.