Film Review ‘The Bad Guys’ The Hilarious Story of the Evil Animals

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Wild animals are known to be scary and scary. But, what will happen if these wild animals commit crimes and theft like humans?

As told in the latest animated film, The Bad Guys. This film not only shows a row of animals that are famous for being wild, but also their evil actions that often steal in a city.

The film opens with a conversation between a wolf named Wolf and his snake partner, Snake. They want to steal a bank, where the employees are afraid of their existence as wild animals.

People’s fear makes it easier for Wolf and Snake to commit theft. Plus help from other wild animals, namely Shark, Tarantula, and Piranha.

Until in the end they were caught trying to steal the Golden Dolphin trophy. Instead of being arrested by the police, Wolf and his friends are educated by Professor Marmalade to be good people.

Will Wolf and his comrades succeed in their mission as good people? Is it an awkwardness from Professor Marmalade’s intentions?

Even though it’s an animated film, The Bad Guys has meaning and a moral message that the audience can take away. This film teaches us several things such as friendship, loyalty, betrayal and responsibility.

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So, not only entertaining, funny and exciting, The Bad Guys movie also has lessons to be learned.

For those who can’t wait, you can watch The Bad Guys movie on March 25, 2022 at your favorite cinema!