After receiving a positive reception at the Toronto International Film Festival (on September 7, 2019), Knives Out immediately grabbed attention. This murder mystery film is touted as one of the best works by director Rian Johnson. Which previously spawned Looper (2012) and Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017).

In addition to an interesting and unusual story, the film, which was written by Rian Johnson himself, was also strengthened by a number of big-name stars. Starting from Christopher Plummer, who is old, to Jaeden Martell, who is still abege. In fact, there is also Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Which does not show his face, but becomes a voice cameo. Therefore, Knives Out is legally mandatory to watch and it’s a shame if you miss it.


The main focus in this 130-minute film is the extended family of Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer). A mystery novel writer. The old and the rich. His success as a famous novelist has made all his descendants have an established and well-off life.


Until then, one day, on his 85th birthday, Harlan threw a party at his big house. By inviting all his family members. Namely, his two children (actually, he has three, but one is dead), his three daughters-in-law, and his three grandchildren. And Harlan’s mother, who is senile because she is so old, was also present.

They all have fun. Eat and drink. At the party that lasted until midnight. However, the next morning, the day after Harlan’s 85th birthday, a tragedy struck the Thrombey family.

That morning, the breaker delivered breakfast to Harlan’s study. However, he was very surprised. After finding the employer had died horribly. Bloody. With a knife cut through his throat.

At first, the old author was suspected of committing suicide. However, a week after his funeral, the police reopened the Thrombey case. Because there is a famous private detective: Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig). claimed to have been paid, by an unknown person, to investigate the mysterious death case.

Together with two detectives from the police, Blanc then went to the Thrombey mansion. Which is far from the city center and in that classic style. There, the three conduct investigations and interrogate members of the Harlan family one by one. Including, his personal nurse. A shinny beautiful girl. The name is Marta Cabrera (Ana de Armas).

From the results of the interrogation, Blanc found the facts: That almost all members of the Thrombey family lied. Each of them hides a dark secret. Which Harlan supposedly knew before his death.

Turns out, behind their luxurious life that appears from the outside, the Thrombey family is a family full of problems. In addition, before he died, Harlan himself also had a hope: He wanted his entire family to be able to live independently. without depending on his wealth.