Film Review King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm


King of Prism itself is one of the idol franchises with male characters aimed at women, which is also a spin-off of the 2000s idol series that combines the concepts of idol and ice skating, namely Pretty Rhythm . Although this film is not widely heard internationally, in Japan this 1-hour film by studio Tatsunoko Production is selling well and even has a 4D version.

Once upon a time, although Pretty Rhythm overall had changed its concept to PriPara , the Pretty Rhythm staff wanted to make a continuation of the Pretty Rhythm story. Therefore the King of Prism was born. Set in the same world as the Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live series, it’s highly recommended to watch the series first, although it can still be enjoyed without having to watch Rainbow Live, if you’re strong.

Huh? ‘If you are strong?’? First, let me explain. Pretty Rhythm is essentially an animated series aimed at young girls. Similar to its successor Pripara , or its rival Aikatsu . Well, King of Prism itself as a Pretty Rhythm spinoff with male characters…

no significant difference in story and concept with the Pretty Rhythm series in general, even in its feminine Prism Jump it is not too replaced from Pretty Rhythm. Okay, you ready now?

Shin is fascinated by the show put on by the famous male idol group— Over the Rainbow , and he is determined to enter the Prism Show school where Over the Rainbow is located, Edel Rose.

He wasn’t the only one who was moved by their performance, there were also Kakeru, Yukinojou, Leo, Taiga, Yuu and Minato who were the Prism Star candidates in Edel Rose. There is also Luis, a mysterious young man who is the reason why Shin watched the Prism Show that night.

But apparently, after Shin entered Edel Rose and even met and was praised by his three senior idols from Over the Rainbow—Kouji, Hiro and Kazuki—Edel Rose was still in trouble.

It would be a spoiler to describe the whole thing, but it can be said that the situation in Edel Rose has not been very stable since the fall of the previous leader. In addition, a rival school appears named Schwarz Rose, and due to internal problems, Over the Rainbow is in danger of slowly disbanding.

In terms of plot structure, King of Prism is quite confusing. Flashbacks pop up everywhere, some also requiring some knowledge of the Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live series. The story line at the beginning of the film is also quite random, and the story progresses very quickly with holes everywhere. Although the staff themselves reveal that they are working with sufficient resources, that shouldn’t be an obstacle to better compiling the story.

Because King of Prism has references to the previous Rainbow Live story, it’s a bit confusing for those who have never followed the Pretty Rhythm series before. Maybe if the audience only wants to see bishounen boys do Prism Jump , it can still be enjoyed. But still confusing without knowledge of Pretty Rhythm story.

Although King of Prism is based on a children’s series, King of Prism also has a fanservice scene that is clearly aimed at teenage girls, with frequent scenes of topless characters. With all that fanservice, I think King of Prism is really aimed at girls who grew up with Pretty Rhythm.

Some of the pluses of this film are in the sound and visuals. The music in King of Prism is very good, the songs are also very easy to enjoy. In terms of voice, all the characters are filled with good and distinctive, although many of the seiyuu are still new seiyuu.

Then visually, this series can be quite enjoyed with bright bishounen elements to wash the eyes, although the story is really very difficult to think about seriously. In fact, it’s better if you don’t think about it seriously and just take it funny and have fun.

For Pretty Rhythm fans, this film can be a filler in the recesses of the heart since Pretty Rhythm changed completely to Pripara. In stories and visuals, radiated clear that this is one part of the story Pretty Rhythm, with Prism Jump impressed coquettish , lebay , but colorful. Truly a powerful ‘miss medicine’ for Pretty Rhythm fans.

Yes, you can really feel the colorful and fun soul of Pretty Rhythm without having to think much about the logic of each scene. In fact, it is highly recommended not to take this film seriously. It’s understandable why King of Prism is selling so well in Japan with all its oddities, you can feel the love that its creator poured into the world of Prism .

In summary, this film has a lot of flaws. Despite its many flaws, King of Prism is still a film that is fun and made with love. For female fans who really like Pretty Rhythm, can definitely enjoy this film. Even male fans who love Pretty Rhythm might be able to find the little cameos of the female characters from Rainbow Live and enjoy them, as long as you don’t take them too seriously.