Ferroviária vs Inter de Limeira: where to watch live and today’s schedule (25/03)


This Friday, Ferroviária and Inter de Limeira will face each other from 9pm, in the first phase of the 2022 Interior Cup, at Arena Fonte Luminosa, in Araraquara. So, see below for broadcast details and where to watch Ferroviária vs Inter de Limeira live.

Ferroviária’s players won Mirassol in the last round, while the visitors came from a loss to Santo André.

Where to watch Ferroviária vs Inter de Limeira
Today’s match between Ferroviária and Inter de Limeira will be broadcast on Premiere and Paulistão Play, starting at 9pm, Brasilia time.

Fans can follow today’s match on the Paulistão Play stream, available for R$34.99 on the website (www.paulistaoplay.com.br) or the app.

Premieres can be found through channels on subscription carriers or on the official website (www.premiere.globo.com) with prices ranging from R$49.90 to R$89.90.

The referees will be led by Vinícius Furlan, with assistance from Rafael Tadeu, Gustavo Rodrigues and João César.

Train Lineup and Inter de Limeira
Team Ferroviária secured third place in group B with 14 points. Even with a good campaign in Paulistão’s first phase, he did not reach the quarter-finals, but managed to earn a place in the Interior Trophy and, therefore, promised to give his all on the pitch to win the title of the season in the state.

Possible Trains: Saulo, Cristiano, Bruno, Ignacio, Breno Lopes, Vitinho, Guilherme, Thomaz, Hygor, Rafael and Bruno Mezenga

Meanwhile, Inter de Limeira’s team managed to finish the first phase in third place in Group A, scoring 14 points with three wins, five draws and four defeats at Paulistão in 2022. Therefore, in the general classification, they did it. not a necessary mark to reach the quarter-finals, but it is guaranteed in the Interior Trophy.

Possible Inter de Limeira: Lucas Frigeri, Celsinho, Rodolfo, Matheus Mancini, Rodolfo Tito, Jhony, Matheus Galdezani, Lima, Osman, Thiago Alagoano and Leonardo

Last match of Ferroviária vs Inter de Limeira
The last match between Ferroviária and Inter de Limeira was played on 20 February 2022, of the current season, for the first phase of the Campeonato Paulista.

With 2 x 1, Ferroviária’s players beat opponents with goals from Bruno Mezenga and Netto, alongside Ronaldo for a discount.

See below in the video how the last match between the teams was.

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