Fast Furious 10 is back as a racing movie?


In accordance with its official title, Fast Furious 10 is the tenth movie in the Fast & Furious franchise that fans have been anticipating. After some time ago Justin Lin decided to leave, now who will be the director of the movie is Louis Leterrier. In the hands of the moviemaker who managed to direct Now You See Me and The Incredible Hulk , many fans are increasingly curious about the upcoming Fast X movie .

As we know, the first three movies of the Fast & Furious franchise itself were originally about street car racing. However, slowly the genre began to transform into a heist action movie with the Fast & Furious movie. The fifth movie, entitled Fast Five , even began to leave the element of racing by involving an American DSS agent, Luke Hobbs. And in his latest movie, F9, everything is more focused on the Dom family trying to save the world.

Fast Furious 10 Back to the Roots?
Not a few fans regret that the Fast & Furious franchise has become what it is today. As if hearing complaints from fans, the actor of Roman Pearce, namely Tyrese Gibson, has just answered it with good news. In an Instagram video that Vin Diesel shared, Gibson said the Fast X movie would seek to return to its roots.

For years the fans wanted us back where we came from, which is why so many people love [Furious] Fast. You hear you guys. And we’re doing it, said Gibson enthusiastically. He also said that Diesel’s son, Vinnie Bennett, who plays young Dom in F9, is also working on a car that will appear in Fast X.

Although the plot is still not revealed, it’s pretty clear that the news Gibson has announced is something to cheer for fans. Because after so many years of waiting for the Dom family to get back on the streets and do a race, finally fans can get it back in the Fast X movie . If all goes well, the Fast X movie itself will hit theaters on May 19, 2023.