Family, Politics, and Murder Covered in Untouchable Drama


Interested in watching Korean dramas with a slightly “heavy” theme? Untouchable Korean drama can be one of the drama references that must be on your list, chingu. Far from the romantic comedy genre, this 16-episode drama that aired on JTBC is about politics and power in a city in South Korea called Bukcheon.

Even though it’s been broadcast since the end of January 2018, it’s still not too late if you just want to watch it now. Setting aside around 160 hours to finish this drama won’t make you regret it.

Jin Goo as Jang Joon Seo – Kim Sung Kyun as Jang Ki Seo – Jung Eun Ji APink as Seo Yi Ra – Go Joon Hee as Goo Ja Kyung – Park Geun Hyung as Jang Beom Ho So the conglomerate may be the hope for most people. It is owned by the Jang family. Not only does it have a lot of money, it turns out that the city of Bukcheon is controlled by three generations of the Jang family, starting with his father, Jang Beom Ho.

As the eldest son of Jang Beom Ho, Ki Seo is running for mayor of Bukcheon to secure a position of power in his generation. He did not hesitate to kill people who could threaten his position.

But this effort passes through a fairly formidable obstacle, because he deals with his own younger brother, Joon Seo, who works as a police officer. The more he dared to get rid of innocent people, including his own sister-in-law. Many cases are investigated by prosecutor Seo Yi Ra, and to solve them, he also cooperates with Joon Seo.

It turns out, behind the Jang family’s dominant power in Bukcheon, there are facts that have not been revealed about its origins. This is what Ki Seo and his wife, Ja Kyung, are trying to cover up. Can Yi Ra and Joon Seo’s efforts get the sweet fruit and cut the political power?

Indeed, the story can be said to be quite heavy and there is no humor in it, but it is worth watching so that we can get a bit of information about politics that might be happening around us. Interested in watching this Untouchable Korean drama?