Facts You Need to Know about Shohoku Members in Slam Dunk


Anime has a variety of interesting genres to watch. Starting from shonen like Naruto , Bleach , One Piece to romance anime like White Album and others. Lately, anime with the sports genre is also on the rise. For example, the volleyball anime Haikyuu and Seiin 2:43 are really booming in the market.

When we talk about sports anime, I don’t think it’s fun if we don’t talk about Slam Dunk . One of the most iconic sports anime will release its film on December 3, 2022. Of course this news is a breath of fresh air for Shohoku fans...

Yep, Slam Dunk is about members of Shohoku, a strong basketball team and has many interesting stories in it. This time KINCIR wants to invite you to refresh again, here are the facts of the Shohoku team. Let’s see!

Shohoku team facts in the anime Slam Dunk..

Background of Shohoku members

The Shohoku High School basketball team represents Shohoku High School in men’s basketball. They are the featured team in Slam Dunk . The main characters of this anime are Hanamichi Sakuragi and Kaede Rukawa and the main supporting characters Takenori Akagi, Ryota Miyagi, and Hisashi Mitsui are on this team. Their team colors are red black at home and red white when playing outside.

Shohoku for two years running as a team is considered no development at the prefecture level. This team is referred to as a one-man team because of the presence of the team captain, Takenori Akagi. It wasn’t until the third year of Akagi that things started to turn around for Shohoku and they started to become a team to be reckoned with...

They are the only non-seeded team to make it to the top four of the Kanagawa Interhigh Tournament. Their only loss in that tournament was against Kainan. Despite being vice runners-up to Kanagawa, they were warned as a class C team and placed in a tough tournament bracket, facing Toyotama and the reigning National Champion Sannoh area.

This team loves the run and shoot style of play and has a wide range of offensive capabilities. However, their main weakness is their weak bench and consequently having to rely entirely on their starting line-up. This basketball team is now considered one of the strongest basketball teams in Japanese high school.

The only reason why they lost in the interhigh was because of Sakuragi’s back injury and all the players there were exhausted after winning the match against the number 1 Basketball team namely Sannoh High School.

Currently in Kanagawa, this high school has the number 1 basketball team in Kanagawa Prefecture. This team probably earned the respect of all other high school basketball teams as they were able to beat the champion Sannoh who won the interhigh tournament 3 years in a row who even beat High Kainan by 30 points...

List of Shohoku members

The ability of the team and its members is the most important thing in a team sport like basketball. In addition to having a strong captain, Shohoku also has other members who are also not good at it. Come on, acquaintances, here are the members of the Shohoku team!!!

Takenori Akagi: Class 3 ( Senior ), Team Captain. Center position , back number 4

Kiminobu Kogure: Class 3 ( Senior ), Vice-Captain. Shooting guard and forward positions , back number 5

Yasaharu Yasuda: Class 2 ( Junior ). Point guard position , back number 6

Ryota Miyagi: Class 2 ( Junior ). Point guard position, jersey number 7

Tetsushi Shiozaki: Class 2 ( Junior ). Shooting guard position , back number 8

Satoru Kakuta: Class 2 ( Junior ). Power forward position , back number 9

Hanamichi Sakuragi: Class 1 ( Freshmen ). Power forward position , back number 10

Kaede Rukawa: Class 1 ( Freshmen ). Small forward position , back number 11

Kentaro Ishii: Class 1 ( Freshmen ). Point guard position , jersey number 12

Satoro Sasaoka: Class 1 ( Freshmen ). Shooting guard position , back number 13

Hisashi Mitsui: Class 3 ( Senior ). Shooting guard position , jersey number 14

Toki Kawata: Class 1 ( Freshmen ). Point guard position , back number 15

These twelve members each have their own role in the team’s success. If you watch this anime, you will definitely know the abilities of each of these characters.….