Facts You May Not Know About Itachi Uchiha in Naruto


Itachi Uchiha has always been a mysterious character in the Naruto series . At first, Itachi was hated because he was introduced as a criminal who had massacred his own clan. However, Itachi began to gain the sympathy of many fans after his secret was revealed at his death.

Well, here are five facts you might not know about Itachi Uchiha.


Itachi’s rival is his teammate, Tenma Izumo. Itachi and Tenma’s relationship began when Tenma bullied Itachi because he believed that the Uchiha clan was responsible for the Kyubi’s attack on Konoha.

That’s where they started their rivalry. Tenma’s death eventually became the trigger for Itachi to activate the Sharingan for the first time.

Itachi secretly likes a girl : Considering Itachi is a serious and cold figure, some fans may think that Itachi is not very interested in women. Even so, Itachi actually has a girl he really loves, namely Izumi Uchiha.

The history of Izumi has two different versions in the manga and anime versions. In the manga, Izumi starts to like Itachi because Itachi is a very popular kid at the Ninja Academy. Until the Uchiha clan massacre, Izumi became the first person to be killed by Itachi.

Meanwhile, Izumi has known Itachi since they were little in the anime version. Itachi was also the one who helped Izumi when Kurama rampaged through the village.

Itachi can issue moves with one hand : As one of the strongest ninja in Konoha, Itachi is one of the few ninja who can issue moves with just one hand. Although it sounds simple, this ability is a very useful ability and not all ninja can do it.

With this ability, Itachi can use two moves at once, creating a very dangerous combo. In addition, Itachi can also issue a moment while holding a weapon.


Itachi’s strength is equal to Jiraiya : Itachi and Jiraiya are the two strongest ninja from Konoha. If the two fought, the fight would probably end in a draw. The reason is, according to Naruto: The Official Character Data Book , Itachi and Jiraiya have the same score in the use of ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu. This can be interpreted that Itachi and Jiraiya have equal strength.

Itachi had indeed fought Jiraiya when he and Kisame tried to kidnap Naruto. However, Itachi decided to run away at that point. This made sense because Itachi probably knew that Jiraiya was just as strong as him.