Facts Serial Netflix The Fool of the End, Gaet Yoo Ah In


Recently, the Hellbound series starring Yoo Ah In has been released and topped the Netflix series rankings, even beating Squid Game . He plays Jung Jin Soo, the head of the ‘New Truth’ sect. His talent in acting is undoubted, he is able to play all kinds of roles well and won many prestigious awards such as the Blue Dragon Film Awards and the Baeksang Arts Awards as Best Actor .

Sports Chosun released a statement from one of the entertainment industry parties, that Yoo Ah In was again hired by the director to star in the Netflix original series entitled The Fool of the End . What is the series like and when will it air? Come on, see the following article to find the answer!

Adapted from a novel by Kotaro Isaka : Unlike Hellbound, which was adapted from a Webtoon, The Fool of the End series is adapted from a novel by writer Kotaro Isaka. Based on the novel, this series will tell the story of how the world was 200 days before the end of the world.

Kotaro Isaka is a Japanese writer known for his mystery novels. He has won many awards for the works he created. This is not the first time Kotaro Isaka’s novel has been adapted into a series or film. Previously, his novels had been adapted, even made into manga .

This series will be worked on by Kim Jin Min, the director of the My Name series : This 1970-born director has created many great works before. Last October 2021, he released an original Netflix series titled My Name , starring Han So Hee. In addition, Kim Jin Min has also worked on the Extracurricular series and tvN drama Lawless Lawyer .

Serial The Fool of the End will be the work of serial thirteenth. His new work will be highly anticipated by Korean drama fans, especially since he hooked great actors and actresses for this series.

Yoo Ah In will be playing the role of a priest : Successfully becoming a ‘New Truth’ sect leader in the Hellbound series , now Yoo Ah In will be appointed as a priest. He will play the role of Woo Seong Jae, a priest with the baptismal name Damian. Yoo Ah In is inadvertently made an assistant priest after the head priest’s disappearance.

After bringing the influence of the ‘New Truth’ sect to the world, what do you think Yoo Ah In will do as a priest in The Fool of the End ? Will he save the world’s inhabitants or is it the other way around?

Ahn Eun Jin will also appear as the main character : The character Chu Min Ha in Hospital Playlist played by Ahn Eun Jin brought success and increased her popularity as an actress. He is currently filming his latest drama, Only One Person .

Ahn Eun Jin was appointed to be the main character in the series The Fool of the End as Jin Se Kyung. She will play a home teacher who then works as a volunteer at the City Hall of the Child Welfare Department. The change in his work will describe the transformation of world life after the asteroid phenomenon falls to earth.

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