Facts about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars Part 2


Will Smith is in danger of losing his first Oscar

Even though he won an Oscar for the first time, Will Smith was in danger of losing his trophy at the event. This is of course the aftermath of Smith’s actions that slapped Chris Rock. Moreover, after the event, the Academy Awards made a statement that they condemned all forms of violence.

In addition, in 2017 the Academy Awards issued a new code of ethics as a result of the increasing number of sexual and violence cases in the Hollywood industry. In this code, Academy Awards members must have good ethics, uphold humanity, and create a mutually supportive environment.

The Academy Awards also criticizes individuals who use their power for certain purposes. In addition, they also condemn various acts of violence or discrimination related to gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, religion, and nationality. So, it is very likely that the Academy Awards will revoke Will Smith’s status as “Best Actor” because of the incident.

Even though it was done in defense of his wife, Will Smith’s act of slapping Chris Rock was clearly violence. Moreover, his actions were witnessed by millions of people, both those who were present in person at the location or who watched on the screen.

By law, Chris Rock should be able to sue Smith for his actions and seek damages or even put him in jail. However, according to Variety, Chris Rock is reportedly not going to sue Will Smith at all for the incident.

This was even revealed directly by the Los Angeles police who were aware of the incident of Chris Rock’s slapping by Will Smith at the 2022 Oscars. Even so, the police claimed to be ready to help if Rock changed his mind and wanted to report Smith.

The number of viewers for the 2022 Oscars skyrocketed after the Will Smith-Chris Rock incident

Despite the various controversies, there is one “positive” impact for the hosting of the 2022 Oscars due to the Will Smith-Chris Rock incident. The reason is, based on a report by Jacob King, who is an analyst, the number of spectators at this year’s Oscars rose sharply after the beating incident.

Based on data that Jacob King shared via his personal Twitter, the number of Oscar 2022 viewers had experienced ups and downs and only reached 9.6 million people before the incident occurred. However, after Smith slapped Rock, the number of viewers jumped sharply to 17.4 million. In fact, this number is much higher than the 2021 Oscars which only had 9.85 million viewers.