Facts about Morbius (2022) the Bloodthirsty Marvel Villain Vampire

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A few months ago, Sony released the second trailer for the Morbius movie. The movie was postponed several times, until April 1, 2022, was chosen as the release date. Morbius is a vampire villain in the Marvel universe created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane.

Judging from the trailer, the character of Morbius will be played by Jared Leto, an actor who has been in the world of Hollywood cinema and the vocalist of the band 30 Second To Mars. Morbius actually appeared in the movie Blade (1998), but the name morbius itself is still very foreign to many people’s ears.

Summarizing from the Ferris wheel and Duniagames , here are 5 facts about Morbius, the vampire villain from Marvel who is thirsty for blood.

1. Morbius is a scientist

Before becoming a vampire, Michael Morbius used to be a smart and somewhat genius. He used to be a biochemical scientist, even so smart he had won a Nobel prize in the field he was involved in, namely Biochemistry. He uses his intelligence to cure the disease he is experiencing, however, he does not know that the side effects of the medicine he makes are terrible.

2. Has the power that comes from bats

The disease he suffers from is a fairly rare disease, namely a disease related to his blood. To cure him, Morbius plans to conduct an experiment involving bats in the experiment, and the experiment succeeded in curing his illness. But it also causes side effects that turn him into a bloodthirsty vampire.

From these side effects he gets super powers, ranging from physical strength and speed that exceeds normal humans. He even has a bat-like power, namely ultrasonic radar, which he can use to detect enemies.

3. The weakness of morbius is thirst for blood

Vampires usually have a weakness with garlic, crosses, and will burn in the sun. But this is not owned by Morbius, because the vampire power that he obtained was not from supernatural results but from his own experiments in curing diseases. The only weakness he has is his thirst for blood.

4. Become a member of the midnight sons

Morbius had worked with Dr. Strange who deliberately recruited him to join the midnight sons team. He created the team to eradicate mystical and supernatural things that threaten world order. In addition, Morbius has also worked with other Marvel characters, namely Iron Fist, Wong, and even Ghost Rider.

Those are 4 facts about Morbius, the bloodthirsty Vampire villain from Marvel. It is worth waiting for Morbius’ action in eradicating his enemy which is scheduled to be shown in cinemas on April 1, 2022.


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