Facts about Morbius (2022) Movie about Scientists Become Vampires

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4 Interesting Facts About Morbius, The movie About Scientists Become Vampires That Aired March 30, 2022!

The movie Morbius premiered on March 30, 2022 and immediately won the hearts of the audience. Let look at a series of interesting facts about Morbius , a movie that tells the story of a vampire -blood scientist .

There are some interesting facts from the Morbius Movie. This movie tells about the adventures of a Greek scientist who has a genetic disorder. In his blood flows bat DNA which makes him a vampire.

For fans of fantasy action movies, the movie has been anticipated since 2020 but was delayed due to the pandemic. The movie was re-shooted and aired this year.

Featuring Jared Leto as the main character named Michael Morbius, this movie is the result of the work of the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters.

So what the fun of the movie? In order not to be curious, let look at a series of interesting facts about Morbius 2022, which are summarized from various sources below.

1. Related to Spider Man and Venom

As shown in the trailer, several scenes show the figure of Spider Man, played by Tobey Maguire. Not only that, the Daily Bugle newspaper also appears in this Morbius movie.

Meanwhile, at the end of the movie, there is a scene where Morbius scolds an opponent who attacks him and then thinks of himself as Venom.

2. Not related to MCU

As we know, Spider Man is closely related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU. Although this Morbius movie features Spider Man, it is unique in that it has nothing to do with the MCU.

3. Unique and interesting story

Morbius tells of an accomplished scientist who suffers from a rare disease. This Greek Nobel laureate is said to have a blood disorder and makes his condition worse.

He chooses anti-mainstream medicine to cure his illness, namely by experiments that combine vampire bat DNA and electric shock.

Far from expectations, the experiment did not produce a cure but instead turned the scientist into a bloodthirsty vampire.

4. Not supernatural

Although Morbius transformation is horrendous, this is certainly far from supernatural because the Comics Code Authority has strict restrictions on this matter.

Supernatural characters with evil traits should not be published, that why, Morbius’ power certainly doesn’t come from this phenomenon.

Those are some interesting facts about Morbius , an American adventure movie currently showing in Indonesian cinemas. Are you interested in watching it?