Facts about Mahiro Takasugi’s New Movie, Somedays, Always Forever

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Another Japanese film that will be airing in October, this time it’s titled Someday, Always Forever . This film hooks Mahiro Takasugi and Nagisa Sekimizu as the main players, you know . Check out some interesting facts from this one film

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1. Mahiro Takasugi sebagai Toshihide
Mahiro Takasugi has been confirmed as the main character in the film Someday, Always Forever. The actor who has played in the live action Kakegurui will play a figure named Toshihide.

Toshihide is a doctor who works at a seaside clinic. While working there, he met a woman who made his heart flutter.

2. Nagisa Sekimizu sebagai Ako
A young actress who is still relatively new, Nagisa Sekimizu was invited as the female lead to accompany Mahiro Takasugi. Ako is the name of the character he will play in the film Someday, Always Forever.

Ako is a woman who manages to make Toshihide’s heart flutter. An incident causes Ako to live with Toshihide and his family until he finds himself back.

3. Script written by Yumi Yazawa
Yumi Yazawa is the name of a female writer used by actress Kaori Mizushima. While working as a scriptwriter the actress often uses that name. His work as a writer includes the films The Witch of the West is Dead and Shojotachi no Rashinban .

4. Filming process and broadcast schedule
Starting filming in the summer of this year, the two main leads expressed their joy while on set with the staff and crew. Naisa Sekimizu also revealed that Mahiro Takasugi helped her a lot to deepen her role so that she could act naturally. If there are no problems with the film Someday, Always Forever will premiere in Japan on October 14, 2022.

5. Synopsis
Toshihide who works as a doctor at a clinic near the sea meets a woman who manages to make his heart flutter. Toshihide thought the woman was someone he had admired all this time.

Even though he had admired her, Toshihide then thought that the woman named Ako was not his ideal type of woman all this time. However, an incident causes the two to live together and slowly Ako realizes her worth and has honest thoughts.

Less than four months away from broadcasting simultaneously in Japan, fans of romantic drama films must include Someday, Always Forever on their watchlist, here . Who’s impatient?