Facts about Khonshu god of the Moon Knight series


1. The Moon God in Ancient Egyptian Mythology

Khonshu is not a fictional character created by Marvel for the sake of the story of the Moon Knight figure. This is because Khonshu is a real god figure in Ancient Egyptian mythology. According to mythology, Khonshu was the son of Amon-ra, the Sun God, and was a member of the Ennead, the most powerful group of gods worshiped by the Ancient Egyptians.

Khonshu is known as the Moon God in Ancient Egyptian mythology. This is because according to his belief, Khonshu is a god who protects travelers who venture at night from various kinds of threats. Hence, many regard it as a light in the dark.

In other history, there are also those who call Khonshu as a sadistic god because he has the heart to kill evil to protect innocent people. However, this title is also reportedly because Khonshu had the heart to kill a number of other gods and eat them.

2. Using avatars to eradicate evil in the Marvel universe

Khonshu’s background as a god in the Marvel universe is slightly different from the original mythology. This is because apart from being nicknamed the Moon God, Khonshu is also known as the God of Revenge in the Marvel universe. This name arose because Khonshu likes to eradicate evil in order to protect others or their followers.

Although it can show its form for some time, Khonshu cannot intervene directly to eradicate the evil that occurs on Earth. As a result, Khonshu had to use avatars or containers to do this.

The Khonshu avatar that Marvel fans are most familiar with is Marc Spector who later eradicated evil with his alter ego Moon Knight. However, in the serialized version, it is revealed that Arthur Harrow was also an avatar of Khonshu.

3. Helping Marc Spector who is dying

Khonshu uses Marc Spector as his avatar to eradicate evil on Earth. The relationship between the two began when Marc, who works as a mercenary, was betrayed by his partner and left in a dying condition in an ancient site in Egypt.

Marc was lying helplessly in front of the statue which turned out to be the embodiment of Khonshu. It was at that time that the spirit of Khonshu appeared and helped Marc as well as made a pact with him. In the agreement, Khonshu would save Marc’s life on the condition that the God could use his body as an avatar.

The reason Khonshu helped Marc was not because he felt sympathy or needed an avatar body to fight evil. You see, Khonshu turned out to be using Marc’s dissociative personality disorder to take over his body completely. So, the more often Marc gets distracted, the bigger the chances for Khonshu to take over his body as well.