Facts about KDrama Kiss Sixth Sense, Airing on Disney+ Hotstar


Kiss Sixth Sense is one of the most anticipated KDramas with a release date in May 2022. As the title suggests, this drama adaptation of a Webtoon comic tells the story of a woman who can see the future with a kiss. Of course there is a feeling of love that arises from the kiss.

Still hesitating to watch? Without further ado, let’s take a look at a series of interesting facts about KDrama Kiss Sixth Sense which will air on Disney+ Hotstar .

1. Kiss Sixth Sense was taken from a web novel, which was later adapted into a Webtoon

2. So Ji Hye will star as the main female character, Ye Sul. He has the supernatural ability to see the future

3. Every time his lips touch someone, Ye Sul gets an idea of ​​the future even though he doesn’t know the exact time

4. Actor Yoon Kye Sang plays the character of Cha Min Hoo, a man with very sensitive senses

5. Known to be a hard worker, he is also the boss of the advertising company where Ye Sul works

6. On the other hand, actor Kim Ji Suk co-stars in the second lead in this drama as Lee So Hwan, Ye Sul’s ex-girlfriend who works as a film director

7. Actress Lee Joo Yeon was invited to be the main character as Lee Joo Yeon, a top actress who is loved by the public

8. Unexpectedly, one day Ye Sul accidentally kisses the neck of his boss, Cha Min Hoo, and sees the two of them in bed in the future

9. Combining elements of fantasy and romance at work, KDrama Kiss Sixth Sense is suitable to accompany your weekend

KDrama Kiss Sixth Sense will release its first episode on May 24, 2022 on Disney+ Hotstar. Get ready to record the game date, don’t miss it, OK!