facts about Jennie Blackpink and V BTS courting: Why did the control organization forget about it?


until now, the courting statistics of Jennie Blackpink and V BTS remains a topic of interest to fanatics. Is there a reason why the control employer always chooses to ignore it while sharing about this?
The reality that Jennie (Blackpink) and V (BTS) have been involved in dating news until now are nonetheless interested in fans.
because earlier than that, the couple of artists found out many intimate pictures that stormed the online community. however, one element that confuses lovers is that both artists’ control groups pick to disregard it or explain it over the phone.
in one voice, Jennie and V’s control corporation both said that the emotional relationship is the artist’s personal count and can’t be deeply interfered with.
especially, after some months of the above noise, the couple’s love story yet again has new data. especially, all of it began with the facts that the person acting on Jennie’s Instagram page turned into version Lee Joo Hyung.
but, Lee Joo Hyung is a pal of V. The male version has appeared on V’s personal weblog seeing that 2015. before that, while a hacker released images of Jennie and V, there has been a hint of Lee. Joo Hyung.
therefore, based totally on this incident, lovers couldn’t help however suspect that it became the male model who revealed the images of Jennie and V.
specially, after the intimate photo of V and Jennie became discovered, the couple’s management company did now not take drastic motion to pursue the person who unfold the two artists’ pics.
currently, the couple’s company continues to be silent about the target audience’s statistics. however, this case keeps to unfold and suggests no signal of “cooling down”.