Facts about Han So-hee, beautiful Korean artist


Art major who used to work at an entertainment venue

Lee So-hee alias Han So-hee was born in Ulsan, South Korea on November 18, 1994. Although now a career as an actress, So-hee used to study at a special art school, namely Ulsan High School of Arts. However, after thinking about becoming an actress, So-hee finally decided to drop out in order to pursue her dream as an actress by going to Seoul alone.

So-hee’s life when she arrived in Seoul was not easy at first, especially when she was only 19 years old. In fact, at that time So-hee reportedly only brought around Rp. 3.5 million, which was certainly not enough to meet her long-term needs.

As a result, this Scorpio woman undergoes various part-time jobs in various places. One of them is an entertainment venue in the form of a beer hall located in the Gangnam area. Even though she has to go through a fairly bitter life process, So-hee remains strong to keep fighting for success.

Starting a career in the entertainment world as a video clip model

Before becoming an actress, Han So-hee actually started her career in the entertainment world as a model first. So-hee did this by modeling the music video for ShINee’s song “Tell Me What You Do” in 2016. Reportedly, the production team contacted So-hee through her social media because at that time she had not joined any agency.

Thanks to this video clip, So-hee began to be glimpsed to become a drama player. So-hee finally made her debut as an actress through the series Reunited Worlds which aired in 2017 with a small role. However, only a few months later, So-hee was again offered a supporting role in the Korean drama Money Flower and also 100 Days My Prince.

So-hee’s first years as an actress were often spent in supporting roles. However, after successfully attracting the attention of drama lovers around the world in 2020, So-hee has now started to actively become the main character of a number of her latest projects.

Phenomenal through the role of actors who are blasphemed by netizens

This happened when So-hee became one of the actors in The World of the Married which now occupies the position as the highest-rated series in South Korean TV history. Even though she is only a supporting actor, So-hee has succeeded in making the audience focus on her character.

The reason is, So-hee’s character in this drama is a third person alias actor who interferes with the main character’s relationship. So-hee’s appearance as an actor named Yeo Da-kyung in this drama was also very successful in making the audience angry. Because, as long as this drama airs, So-hee’s Instagram comment column is full of blasphemy netizens who are annoyed with her character.

However, this drakor is also what made So-hee’s name as an actress become famous, even to all corners of the world. Thanks to her role as an actor, So-hee also began to gain confidence to become the main character in various projects. Starting from the series Nevertheless, My Name which shows a different side of So-hee, to Soundtrack #1 which will air in 2022.

Willing to gain 10 kg to star in drakor

Han So-hee is one of the actresses who is always total in preparing a role for a project that she will star in. For example, when So-hee became the main character of the action genre drama My Name. In this drama, So-hee plays a member of a drug cartel, but then ends up smuggling as a member of the police force.

Got caught up in controversy because of his mother

Controversy has indeed become something that cannot be separated from someone who has a career in the entertainment industry, including Han So-hee. This controversy arose shortly after So-hee’s success in the drama The World of the Married. The reason is, there is a post that says that So-hee’s mother has owed a large amount and is suspected of using the money to support the actress’s career.

Not long after, So-hee apologized to those who lent money to her mother. However, So-hee also clarified that she had lost touch with her mother when her parents divorced when she was five years old. So-hee also admitted that she only found out about her mother’s huge debt when she was 20 years old.

This controversy continued until 2021 until early 2022 when her mother used the name Han So-hee to borrow money