Facts about Halloween Kills Movie, Michael Myers Brings More Terror


The latest sequel to Halloween, one of the highest-grossing Hollywood horror film franchises in the world, is returning to the big screen. Halloween Kills (2021) is a continuation of the 2018 version which is planned to be a trilogy of the story of the psychopath Michael Myers. The film is planned to be released on October 20, 2021.

This Blumhouse film re-presents the terror of Michael Myers with a more complex story than the previous films. This sequel will highlight the terror over the people of Haddonfield City.

To prevent further curiosity, has interviewed the figures behind the Halloween Kills film on Thursday (7/10/2021). Here are the results of the chat with the Halloween Kills team.


1. Halloween Kills is still played by Jamie Lee Curtis and is influenced by the original story
One of the producers of Halloween Kills, Malek Akkad explained that the participation of actress Jamie Lee Curtis is important in this film. The son of Moustapha Akkad, a producer who is heavily involved in this Halloween franchise , said that his concept of Halloween is also closely related to Jamie’s crucial position in this story.

“Jamie (Lee Curtis) brought a lot of input for the characters in the film. This film was also made as a bridge to the core story of the Halloween trilogy. This second film is indeed more dominated by action, including for the audience later,” explained Malek Akkad.

Malek added that the return of this horror franchise is not for the pursuit of commercial gain. In fact, his party rejected many sponsorship offers to be in this film. Halloween Kills wants to reiterate Michael Myers’ position as the center of gravity of terror.


2. In this sequel, the victims of Michael Myers’ terror will be more widespread
In Halloween (2018), Michael Myers is seen again spreading terror to Laurie Strode, who is now old but still tough. The film recalls the roots of the rivalry between the two.

However, in this sequel, the terror attack will have a wider impact. Anthony Michael Hall admitted that the director had advised not to kill the boogeyman, aka the source of terror. Kyle Richard, who returns to play Lindsay, also gave a similar message.

“We look back to the original story. Especially, the development of the background story of each character,” explained Kyle. According to Anthony and Kyle, this film basically meets the criteria of a horror film with an adrenaline rush goal .

“Audiences like the adrenaline rush . People like to feel the sensation of anxiety like in the plot of this film. I think, after all, the audience wants to feel scared,” replied Anthony.

“Maybe I can give you an example of a roller-coaster analogy . We know it’s scary, but we ride it anyway,” Kyle added.


3. It’s not just about Laurie Strode versus Michael Myers anymore
Without giving too many leaks, this second film can be described as a demonstration movement that spreads in the United States during 2020 due to the influence of social problems. Michael Myers is no longer just attacking Laurie, it’s the entire Haddonfield community. Anthony argues that this film can be an ironic reflection when the real world seems like fiction.

At a glance, director David Gordon Green explains that this film is closely related to mob-mentality (the mentality of the masses). This mentality can be seen in riots or brawls.

“This film is no longer about good and bad. Who is bad, who is good. This film reflects the legacy of Michael Myers, including aspects of setting and cast. wider than the Laurie versus Michael family,” Green said.

4. Not just scary, Halloween Kills alludes to today’s social issues
Please note, the figure of Michael Myers is present as a cold-blooded criminal not without reason. Producer Jason Blum explained that John Carpenter, the creator of the Halloween film, didn’t just make Michael Myers’ character. The psychopathic figure is present through research and observation, especially with regard to the social environment.

Therefore, other characters in the film can feel the vibrations of social unrest. In fact, Andi Matichak, actor Allyson, Laurie’s grandson, said that this film could describe a damaged environment.

The projection can return to the respective audience. Michael Myers uses a white mask so that the audience can describe for themselves what evil looks like through Michael’s figure, “explained Jamie Lee Curtis.

5. Three girls from three generations in the Strode family give space to discuss women’s trauma
Through the first film, Halloween (2018), the focus of the story has been on the Strode family. The family consists of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), Karen (Judy Greer), and Allyson (Andy Matichak). The family consists of three women from three generations. This makes Jamie able to show the story of women’s trauma well.

The senior actress who has starred in the franchise for 43 years said this film can empower women by giving expression to trauma.

Moreover, David (Gordon Green) provides a space for improvisation and a new interpretation of women’s empowerment in this film,” said Jamie.

Those are important facts regarding Halloween Kills and the existence of Michael Myers in this film. Are you ready to watch this film live on October 20, 2021?