Facts about Chae Jong Hyeop’s Role in Love All Play, No More Sad Boy

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Currently, actor Chae Jong Hyeop is starring in an outgoing drama entitled Love All Play. This drama tells the story of the struggle of badminton athletes who want to achieve their dreams of becoming a national athlete.

Previously, Chae Jong Hyeop had starred in many other dramas and some of them ended up being sad boys because they couldn’t get the woman he loved. Now has got the main male role, see the facts below.

1. Chae Jong Hyeop plays Park Tae Joon, a badminton athlete on the Yunis team. He is so shrewd and talented that he has an income of 60 million won

2. According to Park Tae Joon, his profession as a badminton athlete is a job and does not consider himself talented

3. He has an older sister who is also a badminton athlete, because of that he is always compared by his older brother so that his parents are not considered talented

4. Had wanted to retire as an athlete, Park Tae Joon returned to his enthusiasm with the presence of Park Tae Yang, a childhood friend who is also a famous athlete who has been on hiatus for 3 years

5. Both of them even entered the same training until they became partners when competing, Park Tae Joon was always by Park Tae Yang’s side and was always his support

6. They even faced defeat and victory together, when Park Tae Yang was injured and Park Tae Joon swiftly took over to continue the 2 on 1 match

7. One of the reasons Park Tae Joon wanted to become a badminton athlete is because of Park Tae Yang. When he was little, he was very happy to be able to fight Park Tae Yang and play badminton together

8. A unique fact that is owned by Park Tae Joon is that he is very happy to collect branded shoes at very expensive prices

9. Park Tae Joon only cares about Park Tae Yang who has a lot of problems, he is always there and always nosy with women he likes, he is even willing to compete together even though he doesn’t want to

The ending of a male lead in a drama is usually always a happy ending. Prime gets the main role, this time will Chae Jong Hyeop also have a happy ending and will retire from the sad boy role? I hope a happy ending , ok!