Fabio Quartararo: Winning with 2 Different Bikes Wasn’t My Target, But…


Monster Energy Yamaha racer , Fabio Quartararo , has no big ambition to win MotoGP with two different motorbikes. However, he insists he will be open-minded in listening to offers that come from all manufacturers. This he stated via MotoGP.com, Friday (11/26/2021).

Since his arrival to MotoGP in 2019, there is no doubt that Quartararo has become Yamaha’s future star, especially this season he has successfully proven himself to have the qualities to become a world champion. The 22-year-old racer is also very happy that all his dreams have now come true.

However, Quartararo was well aware that a bigger and formidable task awaited him. He certainly wants to win more than one world title. However, to make it happen, it is clear that it will be a difficult struggle, especially since he has many equally formidable rivals.

Retitle More Difficult Missions
I managed to achieve both. However, now we have to set a new dream, and that dream is to repeat the title. Winning one title is very hard, but repeating it I think is even harder again,” Quartararo said.

After the 2021 season ends, he will also enjoy his time as a world champion. However, once 2022 begins, Quartararo’s mindset will change. He was determined to start the new season by getting rid of his temper, as if he had never been a champion.

This mentality is considered by Quartararo to be very important in maintaining his hunger for victory. “This year’s title has greatly reduced my burden, and at the moment I am a world champion. However, I will start next season as if I am not a champion,” he said.

Open to Listen to Other Manufacturers’ Offers
On the other hand, slanted news recently hit Quartararo and Yamaha. El Diablo is openly dissatisfied with the performance of the latest YZR-M1 motorcycle in the post-season test at Jerez, November 18-19. He even refused to sign a new contract at least until the 2022 series opener was held in Qatar in early March.

He admitted that if M1 did not show significant progress in the Malaysia and Mandalika pre-season trials in February, he would consider other options. Uniquely, it is no secret that at the end of 2019, he had exchanged glances with Ducati. “As for the future, I am open to listening to all manufacturers,” he said.

“For me, winning on two different bikes is not the main target. However, I only want to join the project that I feel is the best. It is for that reason that I have opened my mind, and so are the people around me. So, I will listen to all offers. ,” concluded the French racer.

Fabio Quartararo: I won MotoGP because I ‘Suffered’ in the past

Monster Energy Yamaha racer , Fabio Quartararo , believes his success in winning the 2021 MotoGP is due to having experienced difficult times at the beginning of his career in Grand Prix. Through MotoGP.com on Friday (11/26/2021), he stated that those tough moments actually forged his mentality to be stronger.

Quartararo was once referred to as ‘The Next Marc Marquez’ after winning the FIM CEV Repsol Moto3 twice in 2013 and 2014. However, he failed to repeat that classy feat when he made his debut in Moto3, even when he moved up to Moto2. Uniquely, everything changed when he was hired by Petronas Yamaha SRT to move up to MotoGP 2019.

Quartararo suddenly became the new hero. Achieving six podiums and fierce competition against Marquez in 2019, he became a fairly strong world champion candidate in 2020 before experiencing various technical problems. This year, he moved to the factory Yamaha team with a stronger mentality and appeared crazy, and even succeeded in becoming a champion.

Was depressed because he replaced Valentino Rossi
It’s strange but also special. I don’t think I realized I was world champion until I put the plate (on the championship trophy). It was an emotional moment for me,” said the 22-year-old racer.

Quartararo did not deny, when he first defended the Yamaha factory team, he felt quite depressed. The reason, he took over the place of his idol who is also a nine-time world champion, Yamaha icon as well as MotoGP icon, Valentino Rossi. However, while undergoing the Doha Series, his confidence skyrocketed.

“Defending the Yamaha factory team is a big responsibility, because I ride a Vale bike. So it’s a big pressure. But in the second race, I said, ‘this is the time, I have to win’. I know our bike is working very well, confidence I am very tall,” said the French rider.

Never Lose Faith
Quartararo says his mentality this year is much stronger than ever. He admitted that he had had difficult times in Moto3 and Moto2, where he only won one win in four seasons. He did not regret those dark times, instead he was grateful for forming who he is today.

“For me, my career has been long enough. Because I started playing in the world championships at the age of 15, while now I’m 22 years old. So I’ve been here a long time. I never thought about giving up, but there were definitely times where I wasn’t very strong,” Quartararo said.

“I’m not too frustrated about the results I got when I was young, because I think I became the world champion I am today thanks to the times when I struggled, had tough moments. It made me stronger and I never lost faith. I always believed in myself,” he concluded.