Fabio Quartararo refuses to rush to extend the contract, asks Yamaha to fix the motorbike first


Fabio Quartararo firmly refused to rush into signing a contract extension with Monster Energy Yamaha for MotoGP 2023 and 2024. On the sidelines of the first day of post-season testing in Jerez , Spain, Thursday (11/18/2021), Quartararo said Yamaha had to promise first to improve the performance of the YZR-M1.

As is known, the M1 is a motorcycle that still lacks engine power compared to Ducati and Honda. Not only El Diablo, the previous riders have also complained about this many times. However, still the engineers and technicians of the tuning fork manufacturer have not been able to present an accurate solution for lagging top speed.

Quartararo’s disappointment culminated in the Algarve Series, where he failed to finish. The French rider stated that his accident at Turn 5 was caused by being flanked by Johann Zarco and Jorge Martin who both rode a Ducati. As a result, he had to struggle to catch up in the corners because he always lost on the straights.

No Change Compared to the Misano Trial
The weakness of the M1 was again proven in the Jerez test. On the first day, Quartararo only sat in 9th position, 0.707 seconds behind the fastest rider, Takaaki Nakagami (LCR Honda). He tried the 2022 version of the M1, but was not excited because it turned out that there were no big changes compared to the Misano test in September.

“We tried a bike that was very similar to the Misano. Honestly, it was a bike from Misano. So, that’s what we tried. We tried more things like the swingarm, some electronics and the anti-wheelie. But, to be honest, this test very similar to Misano,” he said via Autosport.

“There is still a lot of work to be done in order to feel progress. As you can imagine, there are still some things to overcome. This bike is the first step, and we expect much better at Sepang,” continued the 22-year-old rider who is also world champion MotoGP 2021.

Don’t Want to Sign Before Sepang Trial
Quartararo’s own contract expires at the end of 2022, and he emphatically rejected Yamaha’s request to sign a new contract at the start of the year. He admitted that he would only sign if he saw significant progress from the development of the M1 in the pre-season test in Sepang, Malaysia, on February 5-6.

“It’s still too early. I don’t want to sign anything at least until Malaysia. I still want to see the evolution of the bike. This is normal. I don’t think it’s normal to sign for 2023 before 2022 starts. So I know where my value lies. will wait a bit to see where the team is with Yamaha.”

“I want to see if there is evolution at Sepang or not. I ask for super important things. If they don’t give me what I ask for, but at least try and make some small progress, then great. But if they go in a completely different direction , then it affects my future with Yamaha.”