Extreme anger during Pani Bottle Africa trip… Noh Hong-cheol “This is done” Prophecy (Global Fire)

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Ha Su-jeong] Noh Hong-chul of ‘Earth Mabul World Tour’ prophesies that travel creator Pani Bottle’s African travel content will become a hit. Then, it is known that the secret story of the journey of three travel creators, Kwak Pa-won, moving from Asia to Africa to the continent, is known to be revealed, arousing curiosity.

In the ENA entertainment program ‘Move the Continent at Once – Globe Travel’ (directed by Kim Tae-ho, Kim Hoon-beom, writer Choi Hye-jeong, hereinafter referred to as ‘Global Bull World Travel’), which will be broadcast at 7:50 pm on Saturday, the 18th, the creators of a trip to Africa The journey of captain Kwak Pa-won is drawn.

‘Global Bull World Tour’ is an entertainment program that travels around the world with a Burumabul game designed by three travel creators, Pani Bottle, Wonji (Wonji’s Day), and Kwak Tube (Kwaktube KWAKTUBE). They decide their travel destination only with the number of dice they throw themselves and go on a random world tour.

In the last broadcast, Kwak Pa-won threw dice to decide the second destination, and all three took Africa. In particular, Panibottle and Kwak Tube will have a head-to-head competition with travel contents from the same Tanzania. In addition, it is known that he will go through the plane twice before moving from Asia to Africa, predicting a great journey.

Out of the three travel creators, Wonji, who knows Africa best, will release a list of African countries she has been to in the ‘Global Bull World Travel’ studio. Hearing this, Joo Woo-jae exclaimed, “It is more than the number of cities I have visited in Korea.” Wonji, which has years of African experience, heads to Madagascar, the fourth largest island in the world. He draws attention by saying that he will go on a 50-hour long journey that causes motion sickness and headaches to see ‘this’ in Madagascar.

Panibottle falls into despair when he accidentally misses his flight on the way from Singapore to Tanzania through two stops. He tells the reason why he missed the flight, saying, “This is the first time this has happened.” 

Wonji also reveals an anecdote about missing the flight in the past. Wonji aroused curiosity by saying, “I cried so hard in front of the gate before boarding that I couldn’t get on the plane.” Noh Hong-cheol said, “This came out. I think the reaction will be explosive,” he said, arousing curiosity by saying that he predicted a fanny bottle’s content hit.

Panibottle had a mental breakdown for a while, showed his wits and planned a new trip on the spot. Let’s draw more content”, surprising everyone. Then, he visits a luxurious indoor skin scuba center in Dubai, UAE, the transit country he chose as Plan B, and enjoys free diving. It is said that 3MC, who watched this, admired the skillfulness of the top travel creator.

Kwak Tube, who leaves for Tanzania after passing through two stops, catches the eye by presenting a ‘Buzzer Beater Boarding’, which is a breathtaking flight unlike Pani Bottle. For a while, Kwak Tube faced a crisis, and Joo Hyun-young said, “What should I do?” It arouses curiosity about what the crisis that faced him will be.

On the other hand, Joo Woo-jae confides about an in-flight meal episode he experienced while traveling abroad. In particular, Joo Woo-jae, the representative seat of the news, revealed that there was an in-flight meal menu that caused binge eating, making it curious.

The 3-person 3-color travel content created by the 3 travel creators can be found on the official YouTube channel of ‘TEO’ every Thursday at 6pm. Then, in the broadcast that is released every Saturday at 7:50 pm, you can see 3MC Noh Hong-cheol, Joo Woo-jae, Joo Hyun-young and three travel creators’ filming site episodes and chemistry with the 3 MCs.