Extracurricular Series Review (2020): The Dark Side of Teens Kdrama version


Netflix has previously expanded to produce Korean original series with the release of Kingdom . This time there is the Extracurricular series , a new Netflix series with the theme of teen drama with elements of thriller and crime. A pretty good combination with an interesting plot.

Sinopsis serial Extracurricular
Because the premise used in this series is fairly fresh. Oh Ji Soo (Kim Dong Hee) is a broken home child who studies at a well-known private school in Korea. Ji Soo is known as a model student with above average grades. But behind his fairly ordinary teenage life, he is the mastermind behind a security service provider for prostitutes.

One of the prostitutes he helps is Seo Min Hee (Jung Da Bin), a classmate of his. Coming from a wealthy family, he does it so he can buy things for his girlfriend, Gwak Gi Tae (Nam Yoon Soo). But Ji Soo’s job is discovered by one of the popular kids in his class, Bae Gyu Ri (Park Joo Hyun). And Ji Soo’s life changes.

Fresh premise
Extracurricular is the first Netflix original series in Korea that deals with adolescent issues. A dynamic plot with several twists makes this series quite interesting to watch. Not to mention the story that makes you angry like other dramas from the Ginseng Country. Although the story sometimes develops in unexpected directions.

Talking about prostitution, this series is far from vulgar scenes. While the impression of thriller and crime drama is very pronounced. Interspersed with dark jokes as a refresher, although not too obvious. The drama is more dominant than the romantic story of the two main characters, which is told as a child with a troubled family.

The two stars in this series have great chemistry, namely Kim Dong Hee which you can see in the Itaewon Class series . As well as newcomer Park Joo Hyun (or Park Ju-Hyun), who plays Bae Gyu Ri. Previously, you can watch this 1994-born actress in A Piece of Your Mind (2020). Both of them successfully gave the impression of romance to disbelief throughout the episode.

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One more thing, old actor Choi Minsoo did not miss being a scene stealer in this drama; former soldier who became homeless and finally helped Jisoo as ‘the guard’. The charisma of this legendary actor can be felt from start to finish.

‘Serial remaja’ Netflix
Extracurricular delivers almost the same tone as some of Netflix’s other themed series, like The End of the Fxxking World or 13 Reasons Why . Especially for 13 Reasons Why , the similarities can be seen from how Extracurricular brings the problems that occur in young people today.

This series depicts the dark side of teenagers in South Korea. Problems that are rarely found in serials on TV stations. Yep, typical Neflix.

Bullying, broken families, social inequality, toxic relationships, even underage prostitution are the big themes of this film. Complete package.

If in America there are many series with the theme of juvenile delinquency, it is worth seeing how this drama is received in Korea. Because the theme given is quite taboo in the television industry and South Korean society in general.

The stories offered may not be to some people’s taste. Netflix is ​​still playing it safe by creating ‘family friendly’ plots and stories without the spice of adult scenes. But Extracurricular is arguably quite good with a plot that goes up and down and thrilling in every episode.

Extracurricular series can offer a fresh story with an interesting plot. This series still uses teenage stories in general but wraps it with a rather dark crime thriller drama.

As usual, Netflix still presents a cliff-hanger for you to look forward to the second season. Extracurricular season 2 could come earlier, of course after the Covid-19 pandemic subsides.