Extraction Film Review (2020): Just Focus on the Action


Netflix added to its original collection with the release of the film Extraction . Backed by big name Chris Hemsworth, this action thriller is produced by Joe Russo and marks the directorial debut of seasoned action coordinator Sam Hargrave.

Sinopsis film Extraction
The premise given is not much different from other scuffle films. Chris Hemsworth plays Tyler Rake, a fearless hitman who accepts a dangerous mission: to save a child from an Indian gangster named Ovi (Rudraksh Jaiswal) who is kidnapped by high-profile criminals from Bangladesh.

Unfortunately the mission did not go smoothly. The police shut down the entire city, making it difficult for Tyler to bring Ovi to India. But Tyler’s long history of losing his son makes him try to save Ovi even though the risk of being caught is very big.

Netflix’s big action
Netflix is ​​known to be unmitigated in ‘wasting’ money to create blockbuster action films. Just look at Michael Bay and Ryan Reynolds’ 6 Underground . In this film, Netflix is ​​willing to fund the stunning action scenes from director Sam Hargrave’s first .

There are many things that can be seen from the film Extraction; high-level action, acrobatic fistfight choreography, and stunning shooting. There is even one action scene with a one-shot shooting technique for 12 minutes in the middle of the story.

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Playing the role of Tyler who is fierce in shooting and fighting, Hemsworth remains impressive in playing the emotional side of the character he plays. In this film, Chris Hemsworth is assisted by new names such as Jaiswal, who plays Ovi, and Saju, played by Randee Hooda. There is also a new fellow member of the MCU, namely David Harbor who takes part in this film.

‘MCU’ member collaboration
Sam Hargrave is directing for the first time. His name is known as the action coordinator for several Marvel films, such as Deadpool 2 and Avengers: Endgame . No wonder Hargrave was able to take advantage of his experience in presenting various thrilling action scenes. And Netflix’s $65 million budget, the equivalent of a movie theater budget.

On the other hand, Joe Russo is a scriptwriter as well as a producer, based on a story taken from his graphic novel entitled Ciudad. The original is set in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. But the film turns to India, another third world country. As many American films often do.

Even so, the plot and storyline feel typical of Hollywood “white” films; a white assassin trying to become a hero in a developing country. It’s no different from the Indiana Jones series or the phenomenal Rambo films.

Fun fact, Chris Hemsworth previously played a hacker who was accused of being a terrorist and caught up with the conflict between America and China. The film, titled Blackhat (2015), is produced by Legendaris Pictures and takes place in Malaysia.

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The Extraction film is still able to offer a tense and quite entertaining spectacle. Not so heavy with stories that are light and can be understood without being digested. Adding to the list of original Netflix movie catalogs , such as Triple Frontier (2019) which is still enjoyable to watch many times.