EXO Suho Officially Completes Military Service, Gets The Predicate Of Exemplary Soldier


EXO’s Suho Has Finally Officially Completed His Mandatory Military Service On February 13, 2022. Not Only Completing A Number Of Duties, Suho Also Managed To Get A Lot Of Praise From His Senior Staff.

Good news for fans! EXO ‘s Suho has now officially completed his military service. Suho was officially discharged from the military on February 13, 2022.

The 31-year-old Korean idol has completed all military duties after enlisting in the Army Training Center since May 2020. After receiving some basic training, Suho then carried out a number of his mandatory military duties as a social worker at the office located in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

Interestingly, Suho apparently left a positive impression in the eyes of his officials and co-workers during his military service. An official of the Urban Safety Affairs Division of the Seocho-gu office also witnessed Suho’s good attitude and professional performance.

To the Dispatch , the senior office said Suho had worked so hard. “Suho works very hard,” the official said.

The singer, whose full name is Kim Joon-myeon, is also said to have been assigned to the Children’s Center in Gangnam. Suho is in charge of a number of tasks such as taking care of the children as well as managing the facilities and cleanliness.

So professional, Seocho-gu’s office representative also said that Suho rarely took sick leave. He is said to have enjoyed most of his work with the children. Even Suho had time to tell if he managed to become an idol among the children.

“Suho rarely takes sick leave,” said the representative. “Suho told us that the kids liked him so much that he felt uncomfortable being away from his work”.

Not only that, Suho also managed to get the title as an exemplary soldier. This is because of the many positive surveys praising the performance of EXO’s Suho.

Recommendations from where Suho worked were also sent to us,” said the manager where Suho worked. Suho actively participated in the delivery of tasks, such as helping the vaccine center.”